Benefits of a Female Plastic Surgeon

Why choose a Female Specialist Plastic Surgeon

When investigating plastic surgery and looking for a female Plastic Surgeon, it is important to ensure you do your research. You need to know that you will be in the hands of a skilled and highly qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. It is also important to review a plastic surgeon’s background and experience. However, have you ever considered that the gender of the surgeon comes into play?

Patient Personal Preference


Are male or female surgeons more popular when it comes to having cosmetic surgery?

The truth is, it often comes down to personal preference. However, whoever you choose should make you feel comfortable and safe when pursuing plastic surgery. Dr Rebecca Wyten is chosen by many Melbourne patients looking for plastic surgery procedures.

Further, a good surgeon offers the highest standards in surgical training. They must also have the ability to listen to and understand a patient’s needs. Choosing your surgeon is not just about finding one with the best qualifications. Rather, you want a surgeon who is highly qualified about also is someone you like and trust. For any patients, that might mean choosing a female surgeon.

Additionally, many women might feel uncomfortable undressing or showing their private areas to a male doctor. This might be due to personal preference or religious or cultural reasons. As a result, choosing a female surgeon may be based on a number of complicated factors, as well as the need to feel comfortable talking to their surgeon.

Read the points below to find out the advantages of choosing a female surgeon.

An Intrinsic Understanding of Female Anatomy with a Female Plastic Surgeon

While it is not scientifically proven, or insinuated, that female plastic surgeons are more qualified than their male counterparts, many Melbourne patients find it comforting to have a woman as their plastic surgeon. Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons, like Dr Wyten, can make patients feel at ease because they innately identify with the female body. This includes understanding how the body develops and changes with age, from a very personal perspective. A female surgeon can interpret what you are feeling about your body and appearance, from a woman’s point of view.

Further, a female surgeon can identify closely with how body development impacts female patients. Sometimes female patients find it easier to talk to another woman about problem areas.

A female plastic surgeon offers the advantage of firsthand experience in the changes our body and face go through, from adolescence to childbirth and ageing. In addition, female plastic surgeons often better understand how women express the changes they seek in their appearance.

An Empathetic Doctor

Female Plastic Surgeon Dr Rebecca Wyten Melbourne

Often, patients find that a female plastic surgeon has more compassion when it comes to body insecurity. Unfortunately, the pressure society puts on women regarding their bodies is far more intense than what men experience. While men do face social pressures, women are continually exposed to every type of media.

As a result, it is understandable that a female surgeon can relate to the need to change one’s outer appearance. Dr Wyten understands the challenges women face every day and why many women seek plastic surgery. Choosing a female surgeon, like Dr Wyten, you can be assured that sensitive issues will be handled with care and understanding.

Good Communication

Choosing a female surgeon

Your surgical consultation is the ideal time to share your concerns with your surgeon without feeling embarrassed or shying away from certain topics. As a result, you should find a surgeon who you feel understands your needs, and expectations when it comes to care and comfort. Many patients find that a female plastic surgeon is more sensitive to their thoughts and feelings. Further, many say they find female surgeons treat patients with more consideration and respect.

Further, studies show that female doctors, on average, spend more time talking with their patients, than male counterparts. As such, a female surgeon is more likely to talk extensively about the different treatment options.

Female patients also report feeling more comfortable and relaxed so they can talk freely about their issues with their appearance. This is especially the case for patients who want to discuss more intimate procedures, like labiaplasty. In these cases, it is understandable that a woman might feel more comfortable talking to a female surgeon.

Do Men Prefer Male or Female Surgeons?

It might surprise you, but even male patients often prefer female surgeons for the same reasons. Men often expect to receive more empathy and sensitivity from a female surgeon. Further, many men are competitive by nature and shy away from showing weakness or vulnerability to other men. As a result, men might feel unable to openly share their problems and flaws with another man, especially in regards to procedures like gynaecomastia. With a female surgeon, they are likely to feel able to speak candidly about their issues.

Female Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne

Dr Wyten is one of Melbourne’s leading, specialist plastic surgeons. Many patients appreciate the point of difference provided by an experienced female surgeon. Further, Dr Wyten is understanding and respectful toward the difficulties many faces when seeking plastic surgery. If you would like to discuss your plastic surgery needs in a warm, understanding environment, contact Dr Wyten today.


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