Can You Improve your Sexual Confidence by Doing This?

Why do women decide on Labiaplasty?


How can Labiaplasty improve my sexual confidence, health and well-being? What are the benefits of Labiaplasty? Why are women having Labiaplasty?

When it comes to having plastic surgery, some procedures are spoken about more openly than others. Many women will admit to having a breast enlargement or even to a facelift. However, few discuss their labiaplasty over a cup of tea.

Nonetheless, this is a common procedure, and in some circles, is becoming a more normal topic of conversation. It might be helpful to talk about it a lot more. It’s a fairly quick procedure and has many benefits that impact positively on the women who have opted for this surgery. With that in mind – here goes!

Female Anatomy and Terminology

First off, we need to discuss the terminology of a woman’s anatomy. Part of the sexual organs include the labia. The Labia is composed of two lips;

  • the Labia Minora (or inner lips) and the Labia Majora (outer lips).
  • In most bodies, the Labia Minora are smaller than the Labia Majora, so are fairly well protected and hidden.
  • In other cases, the inner lips can be enlarged and quite long.
  • This means that they are very distinctive, which can cause problems.
  • When women with this condition wear tight clothing or something like yoga pants or a swimsuit, it sometimes happens that an actual bulge can be detected due to the size of the Labia Minora.
  • This can lead to concern and embarrassment.

In addition to aesthetics, tight clothing can actually irritate enlarged Labia Minora. This can be exacerbated during exercise, or even through normal everyday activity. There is also the additional problem that many women report, pain during sexual intercourse.

As we are all aware, most people who decide on plastic surgery do so because of a desire to improve their appearance. If you are uncomfortable with the look of your labia, a labiaplasty is definitely an option worth considering. There will always be debate about cosmetic surgery and there is even a school of thought that condemns women for wanting to have ‘the perfect vagina’, just as there’s criticism for those that want ‘the perfect breasts’.

The bottom line is that each woman has her own motivation for wanting surgery. If you choose to have a labiaplasty there are many good reasons that would support your decision. While the procedure will give you psychological and cosmetic benefits, there are also health related reasons for having this surgery, as will be explained shortly.

What the Labiaplasty procedure entails

benefits-of-having-Labiaplasty-sexual confidence

Firstly, you would need to consult with Dr Rebecca Wyten, female plastic surgeon, to discuss your options, but you’ll be happy to know that the procedure lasts for around 60 to 90 minutes and is performed under general anaesthetic. Almost all patients return home the same day. There is always some discomfort after cosmetic surgery, but most women are able to return to work within a few days.

Here are some of the different approaches that a Specialist Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon may use:

  • Central Wedge Resection: This technique is a great procedure and actually protects from nerve damage if done well, leaving the natural edge of the labia. Either by a full-thickness or a mucosal resection. This creates a very natural effect. However, the scar will be short and located across the labia rather than along its edge. Also, the procedure can tighten the entire labia minora as well as the clitoral hood.
  • Edge Resection: This is a method of trimming the edge of the labia minora and will leave a scar the length of the labia minora.

Ultimately, there is no guide to the best or correct method, and it will depend on your surgeon’s experience with a specific technique and your preferences. Your doctor will also take your particular anatomy into consideration.

Some of the benefits of having Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty-surgery-procedure Dr Rebecca Wyten sexual confidence

  1. An improved aesthetic appearance – enhanced confidence

This is the main reason most women have surgery, and a labiaplasty will definitely deliver; in fact, it can also resolve asymmetrical or malformed labia, which can lead to a really positive psychological impact. Sometimes women are born with long or uneven labia. Childbirth and general aging can also occasionally bring it on. Being ashamed of your genitals can lead to great anxiety, and even to depression. When you’ve suffered embarrassment in tight clothing or have resisted being seen naked, having an improved appearance in this area can give you greater confidence.

  1. Health benefits

The constant friction and chafing of an elongated labia in clothing is not only unpleasant but can actually lead to infections, such as candida. In addition, some women have even experienced blistering. Thankfully a Labiaplasty can vastly reduce these conditions.

  1. Sexual confidence

So much of one’s sexual pleasure is in the mind, so having increased self-confidence after labiaplasty is a great advantage. With not only greater confidence but increased sexual confidence women report that their sexual arousal increases, as does their satisfaction. Women who get the surgery for age related reasons get a self-esteem boost. They feel rejuvenated, confident and more like their younger selves.

Another benefit of having labiaplasty is that some women who have problems reaching orgasm find that this is related to enlarged labia. If there has been pain during intercourse because of the enlarged tissues of the labia, this problem will also be mitigated. As a result, many women report feeling more interested in sex after a labiaplasty, and say they enjoy intercourse far more.

Of course, this is a surgery to the sexual organs, so your surgeon will advise you to abstain from intercourse for a certain time – usually for at least three weeks.

  1. Greater comfort

Many women say that they find their clothing more comfortable after labiaplasty. Those with very long labia have even experienced the embarrassment of the enlarged tissue spilling out of underwear or a swimming costume. So, they feel much more comfortable with their bodies after surgery. No longer do they need to avoid tight-fitting clothes or deal with the chafing and soreness that physical activity used to bring.

Are there disadvantages?

All surgeries have some associated risks, but the complications from labiaplasty are truly rare. A downside of a Labiaplasty is that it is generally considered a cosmetic procedure, without health benefits. As a result it is unlikely that a medical plan will cover the procedure. Also, although rare, risk of chronic pain and pain on intercourse is possible.


Labiaplasty is a fairly simple surgery. It really does provide great benefits to the women that elect to have it. Those who have undergone the procedure are almost ALL thrilled with the results. Additionally they feel that it greatly improves their lives. With this type of result, short-term discomfort is a small price to pay when you stand to gain increased happiness and fulfilment in life.

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