Reducing Scars After Breast Surgery

Reducing Scars after Breast  Surgery

Treating Scars After Breast Surgery to make them less visible

Scars are part and parcel of breast surgery – or any plastic surgery for that matter. It’s simply your body’s response to having had an incision. Some patients are concerned about surgery scars after getting breast implants.  But typically they are managed well and easily hidden under the breast mound, because they’re placed in the breast crease area.

There is NO surgery than can be performed scar-less.  Even if you have fat transfer to breasts, there will be small liposuction scars or cannula-insertion scars.  For breast augmentation and under-breast crease insertion approaches, the scars are under the breast crease, where they are typically not visible due to breast tissues folding over that area and naturally hiding the scar(s).

  • Most breast augmentation scars are minimal and readily hidden in the breast crease, usually only visible if the arms are raised, lying down or on your side, or during dynamic movements.
  • Most bras and many swimsuits naturally cover up your breast augmentation scars.
  • This can, however, vary from patient to patient and depends on existing breast tissues, your inframammary fold (IMF) and shape of your breasts both before and after implants.
  • If you have a breast lift along with augmentation, or scarring concerns, you may be recommended to have some extra scar minimisation treatments at Coco Ruby.

Treating Scars After Getting Breast Implants Augmentation 

Breast Implant Surgery and Scars – what’s the Scar like after Breast Augmentation?

Scars can vary. How well you heal, whether or not you smoke, how you recover and if you’ve had any complications, infections or prior surgeries, all impact your body’s scar responses to breast augmentation.

However, for most breast augmentation patients, surgery scars after having implants are less-noticeably placed in the inframammary fold (the breast crease, i.e., where the lower part of the breast meets the skin under the rib cage), and typically most visible during dynamic movements and less noticeable otherwise.  Again, however, every patient is unique and you WILL have scars after getting implants. Ask Dr Wyten what to expect.

  • Sometimes extra skin treatments may be warranted for your particular procedure or incisions as they heal (or an armpit incision approach for melanin-rich skin types).

It all depends on the type of surgery, your skin type, and whether or not scar minimisation is warranted for your particular procedure.

Special Recovery Aids for Breast Surgery – Rapid Recovery Packs in Hawthorn or Berwick facilities

When you have Surgery with Dr Rebecca Wyten and you’ve consulted at our Hawthorn or Berwick rooms, you’ll typically also get a special Rapid Recovery Package along with post-op instructions that can potentially help facilitate your healing and recovery.

In Hawthorn, in addition to scar reduction treatments for some breast surgeries (rarely needed for typical Breast Augmentation procedures but sometimes helpful for other Breast Surgeries such as Breast Reduction/Breast Lift procedures), you may also receive Healite II (Low Level Light Therapy Treatments) or Laser Treatments.

  • Using low-level light therapy (LLLT) such as Healite II may aid your healing and recovery from breast surgery (this is offered by our Coco Ruby Team associates)
  • There are other methods to minimise scar formation after breast augmentation surgery, such as surgical precision and good bandages, quality post-op collaboration, silicon scar treatment strips, patient-Surgeon communication about implant sizes and incision strategies and wearing a good support bra 24/7 after getting breast implants.