Side Boob Cleavage After Breast Augmentation

Side Boob Cleavage After Breast Augmentation – how do your breasts look from the side after a boob job?

An appealing Cleavage is important for many women seeking breast augmentation.  Many women who ask about cleavage are talking about the upper-pole cleavage (the view above the bra line or the rounded breast curves visible in a v-neck dress or swimsuit. But there’s also side boob cleavage, and because so many Celebrities are flaunting their side boob cleavage in revealing outfits, women who want implants are asking about their side-boob options. Not every patient can get the ‘look’ of side boobs they’re after, however, because what you’re starting with BEFORE you have breast augmentation or breast implants WILL impact your final results.

Why is it so popular in social media posts by celebrities and influencers?

  • Side boob cleavage generally means a glimpse of the side of the breasts in clothing, swimwear or lingerie.
  • It’s essentially cleavage and breast projection, from the side.
  • Once potentially considered a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ – it’s actually become a trendy celebrity Instagram trend.

Side boob – as a description – usually means that side part of your breast(s) that sits beyond the front of your body, towards the side curve of your upper torso near where your upper arms are.

A photo example of what people mean when they say “side boob” is shown below.


What influences your SIDE BOOB cleavage appearance AFTER having implants?

Women who decide to get implants often ask about potential cleavage options, not just from the front – but from the side. Known colloquially as “Side Boob cleavage” after getting breast implants, not every woman will have ‘side boob cleavage.’ That’s because breast augmentation surgery results will depend on what you’re starting with, to some extent, and where your implants will sit on your chest wall.

If you’re investigating breast augmentation procedures, breast implant sizes and implant placement decisions – and potential side boob cleavage is important to you – be sure to ask for a professional opinion of whether or not you’ll have side boob after your breast augmentation.

Not every patient will end up with side boob cleavage after getting breast implants.

It is a factor that depends a LOT on what you’re starting with, not just what you’re choosing in terms of breast implant sizes and implant placement options.

Key factors to side boob cleavage outcomes from surgery (visible side breast cleavage) may include:

  • distance between your nipples
  • where your breasts/nipples are located on your chest wall
  • your breast base width
  • your inframammary fold area
  • where your breasts naturally sit on your upper torso or chest
  • upper torso girth (chest width)
  • your body weight and natural breast skin
  • the degree of ptosis or sagging you currently have
  • whether or not you need a breast lift as well as an augmentation to get the results you’re wanting.

Either BEFORE or AFTER a breast augmentation with implants:

  • if you have ADEQUATE breast volume and shape for side boob cleavage
  • if your breast base is wide enough and positioned near the curve of your ribs where your front curves into your side/back area
  • you may generally feel the outer sides of your breasts – side boob – against your upper arms or triceps, when your upper arms are by your side.

One of the reasons people seek an augmentation when they have small breast volume OR mildly ptotic (sagging) breasts is to have a more uplifted, rounder fuller breast shape. The example below shows the difference in shape of the breasts with breast implants.

side boob cleavage -getting-breast-implants-melbourne-berwick -

Your side view can be incredibly sexy if well-intentioned.

It’s a bit of a sexy celebrity phenomenon thanks to images on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and other social media.

  • But not everyone HAS that kind of breast cleavage or breast volume.
  • And NOT everyone WILL have that type of outer-breast projection after having an augmentation to the breasts using implants.
  • Every patient is unique and your ability to gain side boob as well as larger breast volume IS dependent on your existing physique, skin condition, nipple location/breast width and breast distance – and other complex interactive measurements.

So what determines your visible side-breast cleavage options when you get a breast augmentation?

It’s basically all about what you’re starting with in terms of breast tissues, volume and body shape. That’s right – it starts with your measurements and body proportions, and where your nipples are positioned on your chest wall. Your skin health is also a factor, and ptotic skin may need filling out with a breast implant to get that more rounded shape. Allowing an aesthetically appealing ‘side breast cleavage’ so many call ‘side boob cleavage.’

Your breast cleavage is a factor of existing anatomy and breast volume. Your nipple locations and breast base width are crucial factors.

Find out for sure if you’ll have side boob cleavage – or not – after an augmentation by consulting with a Plastic Surgeon with expertise in custom cleavage shaping for the breasts, including mini breast augmentations and glamorous breast augmentations.

Of course, AFTER a Breast Augmentation, you’ll have projection and hence, side cleavage. But where it sits on your chest wall is determined by your physique, skin and breast implant size and placement choices.

Your existing body shape or nipple location MAY – or may not – allow for side boob cleavage in the way you’re wanting it to look. That’s why it’s SO important to discuss your expectations, appearance preferences and surgery goals – and how your breasts are LIKELY to look AFTER having breast augmentation surgery – so you know what to expect.

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Cleavage After Breast Augmentation – Side boob Factors and Measurements

The appearance of YOUR side boob cleavage may be impacted by these factors:

  • the size of the implant you’ve chosen, and how your skin handles the added volume in the breast area
  • existing glandular tissues and other aspects of your particular breast anatomy
  • your torso length and chest width (your upper body girth)
  • your breast base (breast base width)
  • the distance between your sternal notch and nipples
  • the distance between your left and right breasts and your left and right nipples
  • whether you’ve had prior breast surgery or previous implants
  • your skin health
  • your skin strength (firmness vs laxity)
  • where the breast pocket is made
  • which breast implant placement option is used (over or under the muscle or dual plane and other specifics)

Want more appealing cleavage?

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