What happens during a boob job?

What happens during a Boob Job? – from Researching to Results (with photos)

What’s Involved getting a Boob Job – Breast Implants and having Breast Augmentation Surgery


Deciding to have breast surgery to enlarge and reshape your breasts – to gain more cleavage and even side boob – is a big decision.  So it’s helpful to understand some of the procedure details and choices you’ll be making about getting breast implants and what to expect from a Breast Augmentation procedure.

  • In discussing your desired surgery outcomes, Dr Wyten meets with you during an Initial Consultation.
  • Firstly, she will take a medical history and ask you questions about your health, surgery goals and prior surgery experiences.
  • Then, she’ll take photographs of your current condition to use for discussions and comparisons after your procedure.
  • After which, Dr Wyten  will discuss your options for getting breast implants. She will recommend some best-practice breast size selection methods, such as using bra sizers or potentially a 3d imaging system if required (Hawthorn option – please request if this is important to you).
  • As well as Breast Augmentation and breast implant choices, including; size, brand and placement.

Decisions for breast implants NEED to take into account;

  • Your appearance goals
  • Existing tissues/skin health or skin laxity
  • Your torso height
  • Nipple distance
  • Nipple to sternum notch measurements
  • Your body shape
  • Level of existing breast tissues
  • As well as your inframammary fold.

If you have severely uneven breasts in terms of size, position or nipple location, this is a condition known as ASYMMETRY and additional surgical techniques for your breast enlargement MAY be required.

Once you and your Surgeon have decided on the breast implant type, incision location and the plane of placement (in front of or behind the pectoral muscle), as well as the optimal size you desire and which suits your overall body proportions, your Surgery will be scheduled.


Planning Ahead for a Boob Job with Breast Implants

Breast Implant Surgery Decision

  • Before you go ahead with a breast surgery, you should expect to have several consultations with your Dr Wyten.
  • You’ll also need to read the GUIDE books before and after your consultation, and any materials provided, such as risks, costs/price quotes and recovery and healing guidelines.
  • Your meetings and reading materials will cover breast implant surgery topics that include:
    • What your individual needs and existing breast condition is
    • How that can impact your surgery results
    • Your surgical options
    • Clinical examinations of your breasts
    • Measurements
    • A cooling off period

Your Breast Augmentation Procedure will be done in a Hospital.  However with or without an overnight stay will depend on multiple factors. Get clarification on what best for you from your Surgeon.

But even if you attend a consultation to discuss getting breast implants with Dr Wyten in Melbourne or Berwick, there is never an obligation to proceed with surgery.

Surgery is a big decision – make your choices carefully and be sure you understand the procedure, costs and risks.

Dr Rebecca Wyten will help you maximise your chances of getting a long-lasting, natural-looking and body-balanced result. You’ll love her respectful, honest and down to earth communication style.


Breast Enlargement Surgery, using breast implants is performed under a general anaesthetic, in an accredited Private Hospital Facility in Melbourne.

Dr Rebecca Wyten is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with FRACS recognition. One of the most highly trained/monitored types of Surgeons that perform breast and body contouring surgeries. She is highly qualified and experienced in breast augmentation and other breast and tummy tuck procedures.

She performs Plastic Surgery & Breast Surgery in fully accredited hospitals in Berwick (near Melbourne) so as to optimise your post-operative comfort and your in-operation safety.

Not all surgeons have these privileges, and some only operate in non-accredited backroom facilities – that’s why it’s best to choose a Plastic Surgeon who has hospital operating rights.

For most patients who are in generally good health, the operation itself is often relatively straight forward. However, good results depend on meticulous pre-surgical planning and measurement taking. Dr Wyten is meticulous about performing extensive mark-ups pre-surgery before you go into the operating theatre to get better breasts.

Dr Rebecca Wyten will spend quite a bit of time measuring and marking out before the Anaesthetic commences. You’ll also have numerous opportunities to discuss the surgery, your size, shape and nipple appearance preferences with your Surgeon, including the important initial consultation.

If you have questions or concerns at ANY time, please don’t hesitate to ask Dr Wyten and/or her Patient Support Team.

It is important that you feel comfortable with your choices and that you understand the surgical procedure and potential surgery risks, as well as that individual outcome can vary significantly from patient to patient.

Getting a Boob Job  with Implants – What happens when you’re in hospital?

recommend-a-breast-lift-surgeon-melbourne-berwick for getting breast implants

You’ll check in to the hospital at the designated time (be sure you follow pre-operation instructions – sorry, no coffee or food until AFTER your surgery…check your pre-op instructions and follow them carefully as they are in your best interest when getting breast implants/breast augmentation surgery).

You’ll fill in forms and be asked to affirm;

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Medical questions
  • Contacts
  • As well as other questions of this nature.

Next, Dr Wyten will come to talk with you before you go into theatre, affirming the operation and your consent.

You’ll also meet with the Anaesthetist, who will also ask you a lot of questions.

In the operating theatre for a Boob Job

Once the anaesthetic has begun, the operation will be performed according to your agreed individual plan.

  • A incision is made. The incision will be approximately 4cms.
  • Typically performed in the under-breast crease area. Also known as the Inframammary Fold.
  • Dr Rebecca Wyten then creates a precise surgical pocket for your implant. This takes extensive skill and expertise to get the best results.
  • The implant is then inserted into your breast pocket. Achieved through the use of a specially designed funnel.
  • This procedure, minimises handling of the implant.
  • It is believed this reduces the already-small risk of the implant rupturing during the procedure.
  • Once the operation is complete;
    • The incision is closed using dissolving stitches.
    • Stitches are placed deep in the skin surface.
    • This often means that for most patients, NO stitches will need to be removed following surgery.
    • Dr Wyten also prioritises NO DRAIN procedures to give you a DRAIN FREE recovery period whenever this is feasible. It is unusual for drain tubes to be used in Standard breast augmentation procedures conducted by a Breast Surgeon.
  • The suture (incision) line is covered with a waterproof dressing.
  • You will be fitted for a soft crop top bra.

The Results of a Boob Job

Example of natural-looking breast implants – Breast Augmentation Surgery by Dr Rebecca Wyten


To See more pictures – visit the Breast Augmentation Results Gallery

Recovery After a Boob Job

You will be given clear post-op healing and care instructions. Which will include;

  • What garments to wear.
  • Maximise your surgical results.
  • Minimise scarring.
  • Facilitate your recovery processes.

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