Breast Augmentation for Thin Patients

Thin Patients Breast Augmentation Surgery: Breast Implants in Patients with very low body fat.

If you’re considering implants, how important is it that you have a certain level of body fat to help cover the breast implant/breast prosthesis?  In today’s blog we discuss breast augmentation for thin patients and/or body builders with a very high muscle-to-fat ratio or very low body fat readings. If you’re not sure what your BMI is, we have a high-tech body mass measuring scale in our Hawthorn office.

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I’m very thin – can I still get implants and will they still look great?

Is your BMI (Body Mass Index) on the very-low side?

  • If you are a person who is very thin (genetically) or even a body builder – you may not have natural breast volume and find you have little, if any, breast cleavage or breast curves.
  • Having MINIMAL breast volume and very little breast cleavage is often genetic.
  • It may, however, be partially related to how much body fat your body has – naturally OR through your exercise and eating regime, especially if you’re a competitive athlete like a body builder, runner or tennis player.
  • If you’re an athlete, very thin or have low natural breast volume, you can still have breast augmentation but you’ll typically want to be thoughtful in choosing the implant size and projection volume.

During a consultation, your existing tissues and breast volume will be assessed to help you choose the right size implant – and placement options – for your body type and skin condition.

Not all thin women lack breast volume – some thin women have naturally large breasts even with low body fat levels.  Other women with a low BMI seek to enlarge their breasts with breast implants and breast augmentation surgery, to increase their cleavage.

  • There are, however, some thin individuals who also have genetically larger breasts.
  • But the majority of petite or thin women have less breast volume than they typically prefer.
  • It can lead to a body that appears somewhat out of balance, or more masculine looking breast contours rather than feminine breast contours, depending on the contours of your lower physique and overall shape.
  • This is one of the reasons so many women decide to have breast augmentation procedures.

If you’re currently considering your options for breast implants, and are very thin, here are the general questions you might be asking about the procedure.


If you’re a thin person, a competitive athlete or Body Builder exploring your Breast Augmentation Surgery, what are the concerns you should keep in mind

Concern 1: Will breast implants still look natural on me if I’m very thin?

  • Every patient is unique and results can vary significantly from patient to patient.
  • How your breast enlargement results APPEAR after breast augmentation surgery with implants or fat transfer depends on several factors.

These include the size of your selected breast implant, the distance between your nipples, torso length and girth, and other physique proportions.

  • The condition of your skin, and how much natural breast tissue volume you already have before your implants, will also have an effect on breast surgery results.
  • Chances are, if you’re on the thin side, only a relatively small volume breast implant (the mini boob job) will look natural; although our surgeons do all they can to get you a natural looking result that still gives you the curves you’re wanting from breast implants.
  • You might also explore your fat transfer or fat grafting to breasts options (if you have enough fat to “harvest” via liposuction from other areas) to help add some minor volume or cleavage, or potentially cover the areas where an implant might be more obvious in the super-thin but healthy patient.

But what’s probably not going to suit you best is choosing the largest size breast implants available, known as the glamorous looking breast augmentation or very large breast implants.

That noted, every woman is different….you may be thin but tall and strong, and still look great with larger implants – but it’s best to assess your physique as a whole before selecting a size.  This occurs during a confidential no-obligation consultation, and will help you assess your breast augmentation and enlargement options.

Breast Implant Surgery Concern 2: Will having breast augmentation disrupt my posture or body balance?


  • A well-suited breast implant size for your body is unlikely to cause disruption to your body balance.
  • You MAY, however, find carrying a BIT more weight/breast volume on your upper half DOES impact your movements and your posture – it’s usually only slightly for most women and most women who have breast augmentation love having new curves on their upper body.
  • Sometimes posture actually improves after having augmentation (it’s usually a body-confidence thing).
  • At other times, having larger breasts may slightly change the way you move or walk or exercise.

Above all, after breast augmentation, DO wear a supportive bra at all times to protect and support your larger breasts.

Breast Augmentation and Posture Changes: 

Many patients who have breast augmentation say they now stand up a bit straighter – because they feel more confident about revealing their upper body and curves.

  • Others find they have to adjust their daily bra-wearing habits and exercise routines to accommodate a larger breast size after getting implants.
  • Running may also feel different, as will floor based exercises where you’re lying face down (certain yoga postures, for example).
  • Even sleeping prone may feel different or potentially uncomfortable after having surgery, although many women sleep face down as well as on their sides or uprights before and after having breast implants inserted.

Some women have the opposite problem – very large breasts.  They may want to explore a Breast Reduction.

Top heavy and cumbersome? Ask me about an implant size change or Breast Reduction.

Book a no obligation consultation in Melbourne or Berwick with Dr Rebecca Wyten, to discover your best implant surgery choice options for breast augmentation for thin frames or competitive athletes.