Breast Enlargement Fat Transfer

Breast Enlargement Surgery Using Your Own Fat

Fat transfer is a surgical technique where fat is taken from one location via liposuction, then that fat is collected and introduced in small strands into the breast area to increase the volume or change the shape of the breast. Breast Enlargement Fat transfer can be used alone or in conjunction with other breast procedures.

One of the latest techniques for breast enlargement (known formally as breast augmentation surgery) is autologous fat transfer (also known as “fat grafting”). This video explores the benefits of having a Fat Transfer procedure. During this procedure, fat is transferred from one location via liposuction and is placed into the breast.

What is Breast augmentation by fat transfer?

Autologous Fat Transfer, also known as AFT or Fat Grafting, is a surgical process that involves liposuction harvesting of excess body fat from one area of the body, processing the harvested fat, and then transplanting the processed fat into a different area of the body, such as into the breasts, buttocks or face, to increase volume or restore lost volume such as occurs with weight changes or body mass index changes.  This surgery can be beneficial for suitable surgical patients who seek minor enhancements to their facial features, or minor increases to the size of the breasts or buttocks.  Multiple procedures may be required, and the surgery is typically performed under general aesthetic.

You can now use fat transfer options to achieve bigger and more shapely breasts without implants. Dr Rebecca Wyten, Female Specialist Plastic Surgeon is now offering Breast Enlargement Fat Transfer procedures, based on the recent pioneering work of American Plastic Surgeons and the ASPS Fat Graft Task Force.

What are the advantages of using your own fat?

  • Breast Implants are not required
  • Your breasts will feel completely natural – it’s really you
  • The fat removal process can help to contour your body
  • There will be less breast scarring as the fat is transferred by injection
  • It’s natural and improves the appearance of your skin


Am I a suitable candidate for fat transfer?

fat transfer to breast melbourne dr wyten

Suitable candidates are patients that maintain a stable weight, would like half a cup to a cup size increase and have enough fat for a donor site. Fat transfer can be done alone or in combination with other breast surgery to volume and optimise end result.

  • You’ll need to have some excess fat that can be removed by Liposuction.
  • You desire only a modest increase in bra cup size or a solution to minor breast asymmetry problems.
  • You’ll need to be realistic about the possible outcomes and multiple procedures may be required to get your desired breast volume increase.
  • This may NOT be the right surgery for you and you may still need breast implants or breast lift surgery to get the look you want.
  • You’ll need to be committed to the pre-surgery and post-surgery process to maximise the amount of fat that grafts or ‘takes hold’ in your breasts.
  • At this stage, fat transfer can only provide a modest enlargement of your breasts – may be one cup size per treatment.

What are the risks of fat transfer?

There are always risks associated with any surgical procedure, however, we are aware of those risks and are proactive to minimise them. More specifically with fat transfer, the risks are fat reabsorption, cysts formation, infection and fat emboli.

Can you get fat transfer using another persons’ fat?

Unfortunately, it must be your own fat. The immune system of the person receiving the transferred fat would kill off all the donated fat cells.

Is fat transfer permanent?

Approx 50-60% of the fat introduced into the breast will remain with a smaller amount being reabsorbed. Once the fat has taken it remains as your own fat as long as you maintain your weight. If you gain or lose weight the fat transfer will increase or decrease similar to the rest of your body.

Can breast augmentation be combined with fat transfer?

Fat transfer can be a useful tool in conjunction with breast augmentation to change the shape, optimise volume and create more cleavage and to hide the breast implant so your result looks and feels more natural.

How long does fat grafting take?

Fat transfer is a hospital procedure that can take an hour or 2 depending on the volume of fat transferred and the number of different locations the fat ends up being taken from.

How much does a fat transfer cost?

The cost of fat transfer is similar to that of breast augmentation with an implant.

Is Breast Enlargement Fat transfer safe?

As with all surgical procedure, there are risks associated. We are aware of these risks and we are proactive to minimise your risks during and after the procedure to make it as safe as possible.

Is there any way to get bigger breast without surgery?

No, not really. Some people do gain fat in their breasts with weight gain or hormonal changes but the size will then decrease with subsequent weight loss.

What will the recovery of fat transfer be like?

You will initially have some swelling and bruising in both the donor and breast sites.

Can I exercise after fat transfer?

It is recommended that patients maintain a stable weight for approx 3 months after the procedure. Mild regular exercise that the patient is used to is OK to continue.

When will I see my final results after fat transfer?

Most reliable end results of fat transfer are usually seen around 3 months after postop swelling has resided.

How soon can I return to work?

Returning to work depends on the work you do. Office work most patients can return to work the following week. Other more strenuous work may require more time off.

Where can the fat be taken from?

This is dependant on the patient but can include the abdomen, hips, back, legs.

Will fat transfer affect nipple sensation?

Majority of the time nipple sensation is not affected, however, depending on the volume introduced or other procedures performed in conjunction with the fat transfer may affect nipple sensation.

Scars from fat transfer

Donor sites (where the fat is taken from) and the area the fat is transferred will have a very small incision site. This allows the cannula access to remove and add the fat.

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Fat transfer requires surgical skill

This innovative procedure is known as autologous fat transfer (AFT) or fat grafting. It uses fat from your buttocks, thighs, flanks or tummy/lower abdomen and is injected into your breasts. This new procedure may become one of the main techniques for cosmetic breast surgeries in the future and may eventually have the potential to replace the widespread use of silicone implants.

Breast enlargement at transfer is a delicate procedure requiring a very skill full surgeon with experience in liposuction and the fat re-injection process. Your fat is transferred as a living tissue graft and will continue to survive and thrive in the breast provided local biological conditions are suitable. However, if too much under-processed fat is transferred into your tissues, the fat will not survive and uneven lumpiness can occur.

Artistic skill, experience and judgement are needed to avoid complications and to achieve an outstanding fat transfer result. Your personal appearance objectives may also influence whether or not fat transfer methods will get you the specific look you are aiming for when you choose breast enhancement surgery.

Fat transfer is also useful for patients seeking a ‘Mummy Makeover’ – which is typically a combination of abdominal tightening (Tummy Tuck) surgery and breast enhancement surgery (or arm lift procedure).

Why choose to have fat transfer breast surgery?

There are many reasons why women consider breast surgery and enhancement procedures including AFT or fat grafting:

  • Small breasts can have a negative emotional effect and limit your clothing choices.
  • Asymmetrical breasts can be very noticeable and impede finding a well-fitting support bra.

Fortunately, breast surgery and breast augmentation are available to help improve breast appearance. Small breasts can either be enhanced with fat grafting or using a natural-looking implant (Breast Augmentation). Dr Wyten’s approach to recovery is simple. We do whatever we can to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Before and After Photos of Breast Enlargement Fat Transfer

Breast Enlargement Fat Transfer

Breast Enlargement Fat Transfer

Click here to see more of Dr Rebecca Wytens before and after fat transfer gallery.


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