Cleavage Changes: Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation – or both?

Cleavage Changes: Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation – or both?

When your breasts are saggy or your nipples are drooping, which is better – a Breast lift or Breast Augmentation – or both?

Many women with slightly deflated-looking, sagging breasts have low-grade ptosis (mild to moderate sagging of the breasts and nipples). If so, they may not be certain if they should choose to have a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation – or sometimes, a combination of both.

In this brief blog, we cover some of the basics of a Breast Lift OR Breast Augmentation VS a Mastopexy-Augmentation, which is a combination of both procedures. This information is, however, general in nature, and only a consultation can help you best understand which option is going to get you the breast shaping and sizing results you’re wanting to attain.

Remember, there is never “one size-or-one approach fits all” when it comes to breast enhancement procedures and other types of Plastic Surgery.

The only way to assess your best options when choosing between a breast augmentation, a breast lift, or a combined Breast Lift with Implants (a Mastopexy/Augmentation Procedure) is to make a consultation appointment with Dr Wyten. She’s a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and restorative breast surgery expert in Hawthorn East (Melbourne) and in Berwick (Mornington Peninsula area).


Breast Augmentation Surgery, Breast Implants and Breast Profile/Cleavage Enhancement

It’s not uncommon for women to want a breast lift or enlargement at some stage in their lives.  These are two very popular procedures sought by women of a wide range in age, from the early 20s to the 60s and beyond.

In fact, after breast augmentation, a breast lift is one of the most popular procedures requested for enhancing the breasts.  It’s also a key procedure for a Mummy Makeover after having children or finishing breast feeding.

That’s because breast ptosis strikes nearly all woman, eventually, and sometimes as early as in their late 20s or early 30s.

Ptosis of the breasts is very common in women; in fact, sagging breast tissues will occur at some stage in most women’s lives, either:

  • after pregnancy
  • after breast-feeding
  • after weight changes or weight loss, such as occurs after bariatric surgery for obesity
  • after menopause
  • not wearing adequate bra supports during high-impact movements (or at all)
  • due to skin changes including after having medical treatments

Sagging breasts or drooping nipples are common complaints in women who have gotten older OR whose breast skin and breast envelope has lost strength/resiliency or volume.

Degrees of Breast and Nipple Sagging: Ptotic Breast Scale

There are about 5 different grades of breast ptosis recognised by Surgeons.  Grades 2/3 and above are often present in women who inquire about having a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery.

Whether or not you are eligible for a breast lift or breast augmentation – or a Mastopexy Augmentation (a combination of both) – depends on a few factors. These include but are not limited to:

  • the degree of ptosis or sagging
  • the strength of your skin (collagen, resiliency)
  • the degree of excess skin/redundant skin in view of volume (and desired volume)
  • your size preferences

Ptosis sagging breasts

Having a consultation with your Surgeon can help you assess whether or not an implant on its own, a breast lift on it’s own, or a breast lift AND breast implants, will get you the shape, lift and volume you desire for your breasts and nipples.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 to schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr Wyten in her rooms in Hawthorn East (Melbourne) or Berwick in the Mornington Peninsula region.

Dr Rebecca Wyten is an expert Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgeon who also performs Mastopexy-Augmentations, which means a Breast Lift with Breast Implants for an Uplifted Breast Enlargement.

Mild sagging? Slightly empty-looking breasts and Grade 1 or 2 Ptosis?

  • Breast Augmentation Procedures MAY restore lost volume and get your breasts uplifted.
  • But if you have moderate to severe ptosis or you lack breast volume/lack glandular tissue/breast fat (e.g. the breasts appear too empty or deflated), then a combination BREAST LIFT with IMPLANTS may be the solution.

Moderate to severe sagging? Very empty-looking breasts and Grade 3 or higher Ptosis? Nipples well below the inframmary fold (IMF)?

  • Breast Lift will be required for any form of ptosis that is beyond mild to moderate.
  • Augmentation along with a breast lift is likely going to be the solution many women seek if they have very empty looking breasts that droop and sag, that lack volume or projection.
  • Skin strength will need to be assessed for suitability for breast implants/implant size choices.

Mild sagging, but still plenty of volume in the breasts (just too low on the chest)?

  • Your options are likely to be either a small to moderate-sized breast augmentation OR
  • A breast lift on its own (your size/breast volume will be about the same or appear slightly reduced after a breast lift – simply as the tissues sit in a different location) OR

Moderate sagging, but still plenty of volume in the breasts (full, but too low on the chest)?

  • Chances are a Breast Lift may be the best solution for you; but it really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of post-surgery shape, size and results.
  • Ask for details during a consultation.

Breast Augmentation – Overview (Brief)

Breast shaping is accomplished using these 5 Breast Implant Surgery techniques:

  1. Incision and placement decisions are made and performed
  2. Location of the implant is planned for (under the muscle, over the muscle, or dual-plane)
  3. The size of the implant is chosen to match the body/physique, skin strength and cleavage/volume and projection desires
  4. Choices are also made by patients and Surgeons in terms of Silicone gel or saline-filled implants, round or teardrop, Low profile, medium profile or high profile (projection)
  5. There’s an optional method of additional fat transfer that may suit some patients or may be suitable for very minor increases in cup size (usually half-cup to up to a cup)

There are many options, but Dr Wyten will assist you in selecting a quality breast implant that will get you a good overall result for your breast preferences (size, shape, body balance and cleavage)

Breast Lift – Overview (Brief)

Breast Uplifting is accomplished using these key Breast Surgery techniques:

A good breast implant surgery result looks balanced and harmonious with your overall body AND suits your existing breast tissues.

A lift may work well on it’s own to get you the shape you’re wanting, but sometimes a combined lift with augmentation is desired.

Some women may need a breast lift as well as implants (and some are on the cusp of needing implants only or implants with a breast lift – or a breast lift alone – to remedy the signs of breast ptosis or droopiness that is common after having children, breastfeeding or simply ageing or weight loss).

  • Breast Enhancement using a Breast Lift requires intensive planning
  • You can have a breast uplift WITH or WITHOUT implants depending on your existing breast tissue and body frame AND the breast size you’re wanting
  • Combined Surgery may be performed in one session or subsequently (lift followed by augmentation or augmentation followed by a lift)

Time for new breast implants?

  • Breast Implants won’t last forever, and patients typically require surgery at some stage in the future.
  • Manufacturers tend to suggest the lifetime of a breast implant is approximately 10 years, but the timing for removal and replacement of implants can vary a lot.
  • When it IS time to remove or replace your breast implants, Dr Wyten performs breast implant REMOVAL and REPLACEMENT surgery.
  • You can also ask for your implants to be removed, and for a breast lift after removal, without new implants.
  • Removal and/or replacement of implants is considered a new surgical procedure and is not included in your original surgery; so if you’re having an augmentation, be sure you plan for future surgery needs.

Large Breasts vs Small or Flat Breast – Surgery Options for Breast Reduction

And what if you have the reverse scenario, feeling your natural breasts are too large or heavy in relation to your ideal version of the best breast size for your body?

If your breasts are large AND very ptotic (saggy), you may need a Breast Lift/Breast Reduction. This procedure is called a Reduction Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction) and it inherently includes a breast lift as part of the procedure, because removing excess breast tissues and lifting the nipple to a more central location is very similar to a lift, but a reduction is also part of the procedure.

If your breasts are uncomfortably large or heavy and causing discomfort, visit Dr Wyten’s Breast Reduction pages to see how she can help.