Breast Implant Removal Melbourne

Breast Implant Removal Surgery in Melbourne, Australia

  • Have you changed your mind about having Breast Implants?
  • Are you unhappy with your Breast Implants or Augmentation results?
  • Are you concerned about Breast Implant related illnesses like BII or BIA-ALCL?

Breast Implant Removal Surgery, Explantation Surgery is performed by Dr Rebecca Wyten, Female Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne.

If you can’t find or don’t feel comfortable consulting with your original doctor or surgeon, See Dr Rebecca to get a second opinion about your breast implants.

What is Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Breast implant removal or explantation surgery removes your breast implants with or without the surrounding pocket or breast capsule.After the implant removal, you can consider a breast revision surgery like a Breast Lift or Fat Transfer to Breasts to create a more pleasing final result.

Options and outcomes for this procedure depend on your existing breast tissue and the elasticity of your skin (Skin Laxity).

Are you a candidate for removing your breast implants?

  • Are your breast implants causing you pain?
  • Have you given your surgery results at least 12 months healing time to settle (allowing for swelling to subside)?
  • Have your breasts unusually hardened?
  • Are you unhappy with the APPEARANCE of your breast implants?
  • Has swelling fully subsided and bruising resolved?
  • Do you want to return to life with smaller breasts or more similar to how your breasts looked before you got your implants?
  • Have you noticed breast rippling or movement?
  • Are your implants moving or breasts ‘bottoming out’?
  • Have you lost your cleavage or do you have a uniboob look (symmastia)?
  • Did you give your original surgeon a chance to rectify the situation (if they are a FRACS qualified specialist)?

Common Reasons for wanting Removal Surgery

Most breast implant surgery patients will need to undergo additional breast surgery in their lifetime. Many breast implant patients seek implant revision surgery, implant replacement or implant removal after about 5 to 10 years.

Reasons women seek implant removal include:

  • A change in your lifestyle, bodyweight or attitude towards implants
  • A prior, botched procedure or a poor surgical result from overseas or cheap cosmetic doctor surgery that needs to be corrected
  • Breast Implant Surgery Complications
    • Capsular contracture or Capsular calcification
    • Implant rupture
    • Implant leakage or Breast implant deflation
    • Breast implant wrinkling
    • Excessive movement of the breast implant or “animation” with muscle movement
    • Infection or bleeding after surgery
  • Suspicions or recent diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Aches or Pain caused by breast implants
  • An allergic reaction to the breast implants
  • Risks of Ageing implants – Breast implants DO have a limited lifespan (as do all medical devices) – Modern implants like Motiva are simply better designed.

Why some patients want their Breast Implants out

  • They don’t like implants – It can be difficult for patients to FULLY envision what their surgery results will look like or feel like
  • They didn’t get what they wanted – Sometimes it’s simply they DID NOT CHOOSE the most QUALIFIED TYPE of Surgeon(s) for their procedure
  • Other times they simply didn’t recognise how having larger breasts and breast implants would impact their lifestyle, clothing choices and exercising habits

Download our Revision Breast Surgery Guide

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Breast Implant Removal Surgery Before and After Photos

You can see Dr Rebecca’s real patient before and after photos of Breast Implant Removal when you come in for a consultation


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About Breast Implant Removal Surgery – Explantation Surgery

Breast Implant Removal involves careful dissection of the breast to remove the implant, some or all of the surrounding breast capsule and on occasion, some leaked implant contents.

Recovery After Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Is very similar to recovery after Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift Surgery

Risks of Breast Implant Removal

All breast surgery has risks. Your risks and possible complications of surgery will be discussed in detail during your consultation.

Cost of Breast Implant Removal Surgery

  • Breast Revision surgery can be more expensive than your primary (original) implant surgery. The reason is that it is more complex (more difficult) and tends to involve a lot more time in theatre.
  • You may need a breast lift or other surgery to get a good result after removal. It’s a lot more complex than straight removal.
  • The price will depend on your condition and WHAT procedures and techniques might help.
  • Visit the pricing page for more information

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