How much does BREAST AUGMENTATION cost? Melbourne

The PRICE of Breast Augmentation surgery with implants VARIES throughout Australia. But if you’re comparing surgery costs for a boob job performed in Melbourne, HOW DO YOU KNOW what best to look into when comparing prices?

Here’s our blog about COMPARING COSTS of Breast Augmentation Surgery and why there are such major differences in PRICE QUOTES.


Comparing Costs and Price Ranges of Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

The KEY considerations impacting cosmetic surgery prices are always WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW (but for Breast Augmentation, the WHAT is also important).

  • WHAT type and breast implant brand is ALSO an important factor to consider
  • Ask about the manufacturer’s warranty and what your surgery options are for placement

Experience and expertise counts when it comes to prices of Breast Augmentation

The main factors influencing what you’ll pay for surgery include:

  • WHO is performing your surgery (level of expertise)
    • Specialists have over 14 years of medical and surgical training and fees are higher
    • GPs and other doctors who perform breast surgery charge less, but that’s because they typically have a 1 weekend to 1 year long training course in breast procedures
    • Non-specialists are not typically fully QUALIFIED and/or RECOGNISED as Surgeons (look for membership in the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons or RACS)
  • WHAT type of surgery you’re having
    • Customised surgery takes MORE planning and skill than production-style procedures but results better suit anatomy and skin condition and you’re better off with fully customised
    • One size fits all DOESN’T work when it comes to plastic surgery; because ANATOMY is unique from one woman to the next
    • A good surgery result requires FULL customisation including detailed measurements, anatomy balancing considerations and skin condition assessments
  • WHERE your surgery is performed (hospital vs back room)
    • Hospitals monitor patient safety processes and sterility processes at extremely high levels
    • Hospitals also have quickly available emergency care as well as general anaesthesia, overnight care and pain management
    • In contrast, back rooms OR day-surgery clinics tend to be run by GPs
    • These centres are not monitored to the SAME levels as a hospital setting – most lack the same equipment and/or staffing levels as a private hospital
    • To offer cut-cost surgery, doctors MAY be cutting corners and those actions can impact your risks
  • WHEN you’re having surgery
    • Rules and rebate criteria for Medicare and health insurance change rapidly
    • One week you could be eligible for Medicare or PHI rebates for post-pregnancy or post-weight loss skin reduction surgery, and suddenly the next week you find yourself INELIGIBLE
    • If you have ANY coverage that is currently valid, keep surgery planning dates and rapid changes in mind
  • HOW you are going to be cared for before, during and after surgery, including Recovery
    • Are important Recovery AIDS included?
    • Is Anaesthetic included and will you be ‘awake’ in a back room of some clinic OR under general anaesthetic in a real hospital?
    • Is post-op care included (support garments, pain management and follow up care visits) or will these end up being expensive EXTRAS you weren’t expecting?

Here’s how to make sense of different PRICES for breast augmentation.


Comparing Costs of Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants in Melbourne (Australia)

First, after a consultation, you’ll get a price quote.  Beware that NOT ALL QUOTES for cosmetic surgery COVER the same types of procedures or inclusions.

Read all documents and price quote inclusions and exclusions carefully. Ask questions and be sure you understand what IS and IS NOT included before you choose your Surgeon.

Here are some tips for comparing prices of breast augmentation surgery with implants.

  • A GOOD price quote involves a fully customised procedure designed to suit YOUR anatomy, breast skin, size preferences and needs
  • Beware the ONE PRICE/ONE PROCEDURE fits all approach that the discount clinics tend to offer
    • If you need a LIFT but you are given IMPLANTS ONLY instead
    • You could end up bottoming out OR needing an expensive redo sooner rather than later
  • Ask if the procedure includes EXTRAS like liposuction shaping, skinny-scar suturing, recovery aids and scar management if applicable.
  • Get a second opinion from a real Plastic Surgeon if you are only seeing a GP vs a genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon.
    • Be sure you understand the DIFFERENCE in skills, experience and medical recognition
    • Not all Surgeons are EQUAL in training – the differences in training and surgery experience can be staggering
  • Be sure you watch ABC’s report on the cosmetic surgery industry (search “ABC Four Corners report on cosmetic surgery”)

You might save a few dollars by choosing a less skilled Surgeon, but remember – you’ll live with your surgery investment for the rest of your life.

Read online reviews and forum discussions of your Plastic Surgeon (Melbourne)

  • Trust your gut, but also do your homework. Read what other patients had to say about your Surgeon.
  • Sometimes Surgeons who spend the most on advertising do so because they don’t have solid word of mouth followings or good online reviews.

Choose your surgeon VERY carefully because your life – and results – are in their hands

  • If you’re only seeing a GP or other doctor who isn’t a Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon (look for FRACS), be sure you get that important second opinion from a real Specialist.
  • It’s good to read everything you can about your Surgeon AND to assess them before you make a surgical commitment.
  • Check online with AHPRA and other medical boards to see what training your SURGEON has actually had and what level of recognition they have in the cosmetic industry
    • Plastic Surgeons as Specialists are highly regulated and are required to have extensive ongoing education and training
    • GPs and other doctors who call themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’ are NOT tested NOR monitored to the same degree as Specialist Plastic Surgeons

Review your Quote in detail for inclusions or exclusions.

  • A cheap estimate for breast surgery MAY mean it only covers the SURGEON’s fee and/or does not include hospital charges, anaesthetic, garments, follow-up care and recovery aids.
  • If you have to PAY FOR these all yourself – and get hit with higher bills you weren’t expecting – it can end up costing you far more than you anticipated.

Good surgeons tend to offer inclusive price QUOTES.

  • But be sure you know that you’re getting a fully customised surgery
  • If so, your Surgeon will spend adequate time MEASURING and PLANNING your procedure, so it’s suitable for YOU.
  • They will listen to your concerns and answer questions honestly and openly, including what you can expect, recovery times, surgery risks, future surgery requirements and surgery prices.

In summary:

  • Ask questions about WHAT’s really included in your quote
  • Review the quote in detail
  • Beware that low-rate cosmetic surgery offers tend to involve NON-specialists who may have very limited training and NO Medical Board or RACS recognition as a Surgeon.
  • Most of the advertised special offers – in addition to unlawful illegal inducements to surgery – end up involving getting ongoing, unexpected bills during and after your surgery procedure.

Contact us for a list of AVERAGE price ranges.