First Consultation

What Happens at Your First Consultation with Dr Rebecca Wyten – Top Female Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne VIC

A formal first consultation with Dr Rebecca Wyten is an essential step before any surgical procedure can be organised.

The first consultation can be done virtually as an online teleheath consultation or in-person at her clinics in Hawthorn or Berwick.


What Happens During Your First Consultation?

At the consultation, Dr. Wyten will review a thorough history of your medical health and background, including past health, medications, and operations. She will then get a clear understanding of what you are hoping to achieve and your expectations from surgery.

Dr. Wyten will also undertake a detailed physical examination to assess your anatomy, clinical situation and suitability for surgery.

Dr. Wyten will accurately explain your options for surgery and the process involved. You will be taken through a detailed explanation of the benefits as well as possible complications and risks of surgery. While this is not meant to scare or alarm you, it is essential and part of Dr. Wyten’s duty of care to you. Be very careful of any medical practitioner who does not outline similar risks and complications of their surgery.

What can I expect at my Initial Consultation with Dr Rebecca?

At your initial appointment with your surgeon you will typically:

  • Spend quality time with Dr Rebecca and her patient liaison team
  • Have your photos taken
  • Have a physical examination by Dr Rebecca
  • See photos of past patient results
  • Find out more about your recommended surgical options
  • Receive detailed information about your surgery
  • Go through the possible complications and risks of surgery
  • Vectra 3D Virtual imaging may be helpful to imagine your surgery results and can be arranged
  • Consider your implant sizing options (Depends on surgery)
  • Find out about surgery pricing and available dates
  • Ask any other questions you may have

Please allow up to 1.5 hours for your initial appointment and please arrive slightly early.

It is very important to establish a strong relationship with your surgeon prior to any surgery. You will spend time with both your surgeon and patient care coordinator/nurse at your first consultation appointment.

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After Your Consultation

  • Following your consult with Dr Wyten, you will feel that you have a good understanding of the procedure and its likely benefits and potential outcomes along with its possible risks.
  • This will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to proceed with the surgery.
  • You’ll get a detailed Surgical Quote with Procedure Costs
  • A detailed estimate of costs will be prepared for you following consultation and can usually be given to you on the day.
  • This will cover the surgeons fee and estimates for the hospital/theatre and any other costs.
  • For more information about Prices & Payment Methods – Visit the Prices and Payment page

Download Our First Cosmetic Surgery Consult Guide

First Consult Guide Download

Your Consultation Fee with Dr Wyten

  • The consultation fee for your appointment with Dr. Wyten is $300 for an online – virtual consultation or an in-person consultation.
  • The consultation fee is typically paid at the time of booking the appointment, by credit card.

Do I need to bring a GP Referral?

  • Your GP or doctor may have referred you to see Dr. Wyten. Please bring your medical referral if you have one along with any relevant X-rays or test results if you have them.
  • A referral is however NOT necessary for a cosmetic surgery consultation with Dr. Wyten but will be required for plastic surgery where a medicare rebate is available.
  • If you wish to claim your surgery on Medicare or Private Health Insurance, a valid medical referral will needed on the date of your surgery. Please note that a GP referral is valid for 12 months and a referral from a specialist is valid for 3 months.

Who Should I Bring to the Consultation?

  • We strongly recommended you bring a supportive friend or relative along to your appointment to help you think about all the information and discuss your surgical options. If possible, leave the kids with a friend or family member.

Get to know the REAL Dr Rebecca Wyten – Mum, Wife, Talented Artist and Caring, Precise Surgeon

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Dr Rebecca Wyten has Clinic Locations in the Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia