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Meet Dr Rebecca Wyten

Why you should choose a FRACS qualified Plastic Surgeon

What are the benefits of Fat Transfer?

How is Fat Transferred to the breast?

Can you combine Fat Transfer with another Procedure?

What are the limitations of Fat Transfer?

Pros and Cons of fat transfer.

What are the risks associated with Fat Transfer?

What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer

Body Changes After Pregnancy

When you have a baby a women’s body shape dramatically changes and so does their strength. A Tummy Tuck procedure by a leading expert Plastic Surgeon can help return your body back to a normal shape.

Arm Lift Surgery and Scarring

Arm Lift Surgery involves liposuction and skin extrusion. If your arms bother you that much and you’re happy with a scar, then we will proceed to an Arm Lift.

Plastic Surgery Information Evening

Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery offers monthly events for patients who are interested in Plastic Surgery. Rsvp to the Information Evening.

Surgery Corrections

Dr Wyten discusses minimal corrections and why they are there,  to give you the best possible contour in the end result.

Patient Types

Dr Wyten’s patients vary from the young who may have small breasts that want breasts a little bit larger, to a more mature lady who’s had children who would like their bodies a little bit before they had children. Or even the older lady who has waited until all their children have left home and now in college and now they want to look after themselves a little bit more, and want to get a better body contour so that they can feel better about themselves. The standard patients are mostly women, however, we cater for every age group.


Want to know more? Consult with Dr Wyten for Further Advice.

Each patient is an individual, and surgery is customised to fit each patient. Please contact us today for any questions or to arrange a consult with Dr Rebecca Wyten.



*General Disclaimer – Results depend on individual patient circumstances and can vary significantly. Results may also be impacted by a variety of factors including your lifestyle, weight, nutritional intake and overall health. Consult your Specialist Plastic Surgeon for details. This information is general in nature and is not intended to be medical advice nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Surgery risks and complications will be covered in detail during a consultation with your Surgeon. *Photography Disclaimer – Unless our photograph(s) or image(s) are marked with a copyright signal and surgeon’s name or group name, they are licensed stock photography, not patients. Note that results can vary from patient to patient and that all invasive surgery carries risks. Be sure you do your research before proceeding.