Before and After Photos – Surgery Results Pics


See the results of Dr Rebecca’s careful and precise surgery on these Surgery Results Photos Pages

More photos are available to see at your personal consultation with Dr Rebecca or See More Photos of other surgeries by Coco Ruby Plastic Surgeons

10 things to look for when looking at Surgeon Results Photos

  1. Variety Of Patients – Look for a wide variety of  patient types & results
  2. See A Range Of Results – Remember that surgery results vary – These are not just the best pics
  3. Photos are taken from similar Distances – Camera distances should make patients look similar to see their real size
  4. Identical Lighting & Shading – Lighting should be similar – Not Dark/Light/Shades
  5. Same Body Posture & Poses – Similar posture counts to really compare pictures
  6. Multiple Angles Shown – Only one side of the surgery result is shown – ask to see all the photo angles
  7. Good Quality Images  – Photo contrast differences hide a lot of mistakes and fake surgeons
  8. Same Expression & Hair/Makeup – See the surgery not the cosmetics makeover
  9. Avoid Image Filters – Many social media posts on Instagram and Facebook use image enhancing filters
  10. Remember that surgery Scars will fade over time – very red scars may be photos taken less than 3-6 months since surgery

TIP: You can investigate your Surgeon’s online REVIEWS on sites such as GOOGLE –  or forum sites NOT controlled by your Surgeon – to get a better sense of what patients are saying about how long their surgery results have lasted.  WATCH ABC’s Four Corners VIDEO about low-cost boob jobs once promoted on Instagram.


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