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  • Sagging Breasts?
  • Drooping Nipples?
  • Feeling deflated after Breastfeeding?

About Breast Lift Surgery

A Breast Lift Surgery or Mastopexy can help restore deflated breasts or sagging nipples by removing excess breast skin and tissue. The surgical procedure also reshapes the nipple-areola complex and lifts your breasts on the chest wall. The goal of the procedure is to improve the look of your breasts . Plastic Surgeon Dr Rebecca Wyten can combine this procedure with other surgeries, for example, a lift can be enhanced with either adding breast implants or with a fat transfer for a perkier result. Dr Wyten is a Melbourne  FRACS qualified specialist plastic surgeon with over 21 years experience and regularly performs precise Breast & Tummy Surgery for women.

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See Dr Wyten’s Breast Lift Photos

Below are some results photos of patients who have had Breast Lift surgery with Dr Wyten. These pictures and images are of real patients, showing real results. These images are to be used as a guide only, everybody is different and the surgical result will vary from person to person.

Breast lift before and After Photos by Dr Wyten - best breast lift melbourne
Dr Rebecca Wyten
Dr Rebecca Wyten

Benefits of  Breast Lift Surgery

  • A breast uplift can restores sagging breasts to a more central, firmer or higher position on your chest wall
  • If you are generally happy with your breast SIZE but not how they look due to sagging nipples or droopy low-hanging breast tissue, a breast lift can help
  • Breast Uplifting procedures can also reposition and/or resize your nipples to a more central location on the chest
  • A Breast Lift can restores your breasts to a more desirable position and shape similar to the way they were before gravity, skin ageing, pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight changes.

For best outcomes, you’ll want your Surgeon to be highly precise in measurements, markings and incisions. So that you get a pleasingly symmetrical and balanced breast size result that is both natural-looking and long-lasting.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

Some of the reasons people may be exploring surgical options include the following;

  • Perhaps, your breasts have lost their shape and volume, and their pendulous positioning on your chest bothers you.
  • When unsupported, nipples can fall below the breast crease or point downwards, which can cause self-consciousness.
  • Breasts may have developed a flatter, elongated shape over time.
  • Another reason can be Asymmetrical breasts. In other words, one breast sits lower on the chest than the other.
  • Breast tissue may stretch and enlarge the size of the areolas
  • Alternatively, weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding can leave breasts looking deflated.

All of the above can affect a person’s self-confidence. If restoring the breasts to a more desirable shape and position can help then why not go for it?

Dr Rebecca Wyten can also include a Breast Reduction for volume reduction with your Breast Lift to help restore your breasts after weight loss, pregnancy or ageing.

A Medicare rebate and Insurance subsidy may be available for your Breast lift surgery if you meet the strict criteria.

If you have a health problem of any sort, just ask Dr Rebecca Wyten for her advice about your suitability for breast lift surgery.

To learn more visit Dr Wyten’s Breast Lift Surgery page.

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