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Autologous Breast Augmentation, Fat Transfer and Fat Grafting to Breast are fast becoming popular methods of natural breast augmentation without using breast implants.

Surgeons can use the fat transfer method as an implant alternative for patients who are for any reason uneasy with the idea of implants. The procedure can create a more subtle and natural-looking Breast transformation. Fat Transfer uses your body’s natural fat reserves. The surgeon will harvest the fat through liposuction. Then they will filter and clean the fat before injecting it (Grafting) back into the breast region. However, this procedure is not suitable for everyone. The results are much subtler than implants. Therefore this procedure my not suit those patients, for them implants may give them a better result.

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Fat Transfer to Breast Before and After Photos

Dr Rebecca Wyten
Fat Transfer Dr Wyten Female Plastic Surgeon Melbourne
Dr Rebecca Wyten
Tummy Tuck Before and After Photo Dr Rebecca Wyten

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