Can You Guess How Plastic Surgery Can Change Your Life?

Realistic Expectations about Plastic Surgery

There is no doubt that Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic procedures can change your life. In a modern world, there has been a significant social shift in the way that people view plastic surgery. There has been an increase in available information and discussion.

Even celebrities and media personalities have begun to speak more openly about their surgical procedures. Freely discussing their cosmetic journeys on social media outlets.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Many people are of the view that there is certainly nothing wrong with helping nature along. In fact, we all do this in various other ways, whether they be surgical or cosmetic. If you care about your appearance and want to maintain a balanced body or youthful features then there is also nothing wrong with wanting to reduce the visible signs of aging.

However, there can occasionally be negative opinions and discussions about people who choose to change their appearance through Plastic or Cosmetic surgery.

This can be due to closed-thinking and concerns regarding the impact of, ‘photoshopped’ media images and the effect it can have on body image. As well as the effect it can have on the younger generation.

Body image and the psychological problems involved should certainly be taken seriously, although such complex issues have and will continue to exist regardless of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery.

Plastic Surgery can be a positive, life-changing experience. Effective Plastic Surgery can build confidence, and eliminate a person’s self-conscious thoughts on typical body concerns. It may not have a drastic life-changing effect on everybody. However, it can bring a level of confidence to one’s appearance that resonates within daily life.


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The key component, however, to achieving satisfactory plastic surgery results lies within our own ability to maintain realistic expectations of what our plastic surgery results should be.

Your choice of Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Injector is an integral part to the success of any surgical procedure. To ensure a natural, aesthetically pleasing results, using a highly skilled and qualified Plastic Surgeon is very important.


Increased-self-confidence plastic surgery


Plastic Surgery can certainly help you feel more confident, but the wrong reasons behind your choice may be detrimental.

Some important questions to consider when deciding if Plastic Surgery is right for you are:

  • Is Plastic Surgery to please yourself or for someone else?
  • Are your expectations realistic about the potential outcome of your surgery?
  • Will the changes make you feel happier about how you look?
  • Have you chosen the right Surgeon and right procedure for the outcome you desire?
  • Are you confident in the communication between you and your Specialist Plastic Surgeon and feel comfortable with asking all types of questions?
  • Are you aware of the surgical risks and the varied, unpredictable nature of the healing process?
  • Do you understand that results can vary significantly from patient to patient?
  • Are you not expecting any miraculous appearance or life transformations?
  • Are you willing and able to undergo the often emotional, uncomfortable recovery period and carefully follow your Surgeons post-op instructions?
  • Do you have a realistic sense of what changes are possible and what simply cannot be achieved from your chosen surgery?

The key to finding happiness with your plastic surgical results are maintaining good communication with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon and ensuring your expectations are realistic.


 plastic surgery benefits Dr Rebecca Wyten


Plastic Surgery: The potential Mental Health benefits

Self-Confidence and Esteem

Plastic Surgery from the perspective of society being particularly visually based, it is more than probable that these procedures can have very positive effects for patients that are psychologically healthy and happy.

There is a lot to be said for being comfortable and happy in your own skin, and for some people this may involve the decision to have surgical enhancements. There are procedures that can help to gain greater feature balance, symmetry, better skin texture or body harmony, and these improvements can attribute to better self-confidence and esteem.

Having plastic surgery, can do wonders for your confidence, especially if you are happy with many other aspects of your life. It is important however to remember that individual results can vary from patient to patient, and your lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on long term satisfaction.

For example, if deciding to have a Tummy Tuck or Breast Lift, your results may differ if you then decide to have children or if there are notable weight fluctuations.


Choosing the right Surgeon

Candidates who are mentally healthy and have realistic expectations about what their chosen Plastic Surgery procedure, will often find that the greatest benefits of surgery behind this are most likely choosing the right Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

But what makes the Right Surgeon? A qualified, FRACS recognised Specialist Plastic Surgeon that you feel comfortable with, has a trusted skill-set and a caring and communicative nature.

A skilled Plastic Surgeon Like Dr Rebecca Wyten who works out of a fully accredited operating facility, Plastic Surgery for Women, using top-notch Surgical teams and highly experienced Anaesthetists, can help you achieve your desired outcome and help you feel more self-confident and happier than ever before.

feel more confident


Playing your part in having a good Plastic Surgery outcome

Maintaining realistic expectations about your Plastic Surgery procedure

As Social Media is more and more prevalent in todays society, the focus on appearance is greater than ever. The use of Facebook and Instagram makes it very easy to share photos of yourself, as well as feel pressure to look a certain way based on edited images of celebrities and social media influencers we are exposed to daily.

A greater focus on looks has seen a boost in those seeking surgical options to help improve their appearance, and in turn their levels of confidence within themselves.

Surgery, however, is no magical fix, and it is incredibly important to keep your perspectives grounded and realistic when it comes to your perceived plastic surgery results. Do not expect the impossible, and be sure to communicate effectively with your Surgeon to discuss what results you’d like to achieve and what can be expected.

Be Informed

Although every patient’s results are unique, it can be informative to hear about other patient’s experiences and feelings following their surgery. This can help you make further considerations about your choices and how this will make you feel.

Do you think you’ll feel more confident?  Will you be able to move more freely or wear the fashions that you don’t feel comfortable in as you presently are? The chances are that these outcomes are entirely possible with the right cosmetic procedure, a good Plastic Surgeon, and realistic expectations.

Shift your focus

Instead of focusing too much on the pros and cons of ‘having work done’ to improve your looks, consider the value of increased confidence and how you will feel. Confidence is a multi-faceted trait; intertwined with your overall self-esteem. How you feel about yourself and how these feelings impact your social and career confidence levels can affect your daily life. It becomes obvious that people who feel they fall shy of what they consider a harmonious or pleasing appearance may suffer from lower confidence than people who are happy with their bodies or facial features.

It can often be confronting to talk to others about your insecurities and perceived flaws. Surgery is not a cure-all for good mental health. You may consider counselling if appearance dissatisfaction has been an ongoing concern for you, or if you were subjected to extreme forms of bullying or social harassment.

But if you DO find greater satisfaction with your appearance after having plastic surgery, you may be likely to gain some positive self-esteem benefits that will affect a lot of other areas of your life.


plastic surgery results


Patient Results

From online Patient Forums, some of the positive potential mental health benefits of plastic surgery are as follows:

Increased self-confidence

There is certainly a link between looking good and feeling good; A person who believes their body is less ‘acceptable’ before surgery can be withdrawn and shy in social situations. Post surgery they may find themselves more confident and open to social interaction.

Breast Augmentation is noted to deliver satisfaction rates between 79% and 90%, with women saying they feel happier, more comfortable and have a heightened sense of pride in themselves.

Breast Reduction also has a very high satisfaction rate, giving freedom to exercise, sleep better, wear all types of clothing without their breast size is the subject of unwanted comments and attention.


Improved physical health

Plastic surgery, such as Breast Reduction surgery, has many health benefits. Satisfaction levels, according to several surveys at over 86%, show that discomfort and health issues like; backache, skin rashes and chaffing are reduced by surgery. Positively changing patients’ lives.  Rhinoplasty (surgery on the nose) can also have a constructive effect; can help fix a deviated septum or reduces sleep apnea, leading to better quality sleep and breathing, as well as more attractive nose shape.

Combat social anxiety

When people see themselves through the eyes of others and find themselves falling short, they can often feel anxious. If, for example, a woman with one developed and one underdeveloped breast (a seemingly rare condition) may constantly worry when friends suggest a day at the beach when hiding this won’t be possible. Opinions about appearance are very personal and they’re very real to that individual. Even when others might claim that a person has no need to be anxious about their appearance. It is, in the individual’s mind that truly counts. As a result, many patient’s post-surgery, feel that they are back in control of their lives.

A greater willingness to take advantage of opportunities.

Being overly stressed about your appearance, can often lead to avoiding getting yourself out there and therefore declining a variety of opportunities. After surgery, many people report that their lives and their opportunities improve. However, there are no guarantees and every patient is different. A lot of what happens in your life does not relate to your looks alone. DO keep this aspect in perspective and be sure to check that you have realistic expectations about how your surgery results may or may not relate to other changes in your life.

Overall, plastic surgery can lead to people experiencing enhanced ‘self-worth’ and improved self-esteem. You might find yourself more sociable, confident and motivated to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.




So does Plastic Surgery change your life?

There is, of course, a catch. It is important to remember that plastic or cosmetic surgery changes a part of your appearance. Remember you remain the same person, in the same circumstances as you were before the procedure.

If you dislike a certain body part, for example your nose, surgery may improve the appearance of this feature. However, having a ‘new nose’ does not improve any of life’s other stresses, such as difficulties at work or relationship issues.

Resorting to Plastic Surgery to try and fix a relationship or make your partner happy is not a good motivation. Plastic Surgery should always be what is best for you and on your OWN terms.

Be Realistic

Whilst many people are happy with their surgical results, there are a number of people who have experienced disappointments. This occurs when people hold unrealistic expectations about the changes possible, for their faces, bodies and, or lives.  They may have believed that surgery would miraculously transform their entire lives, which it simply cannot do.

In summary, plastic surgery can have many positive health benefits for people who hold realistic expectations. While it can potentially improve confidence, it is not a remedy to greatly change a person’s life. Above all, you need to ask yourself: Why are you wanting the change? Are you being realistic about what Plastic Surgery will achieve for you?

If the answer is a resounding YES, then arrange for a consultation with Dr Rebecca Wyten, Female Plastic surgeon. She can answer questions and have a conversation about expectations and whether or not they are grounded and realistic. While discussing what surgery can accomplish for you.

What to do next?

You’ll appreciate Dr Wyten’s unwavering commitment. She is determined to achieving optimal outcomes for each and every one of her patients and their procedure.

Please Consult your Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon for Further Advice Today.






Remember, each patient is different, and results can vary from patient to patient.

Individual patients will have uniquely individual and varying results.

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    *Remember, each patient is different, and results can vary from patient to patient. *Individual patients will have uniquely individual and varying results.