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Breast Reduction Surgery in Melbourne, Victoria

Breast Reduction Surgery can reshape and reduce heavy, larger breasts that often cause pain and social discomfort while also limiting the choice of fashion.

Breast Reduction or ‘Boob Reduction’- medically known as Reduction Mammoplasty surgery – is an increasingly popular option for women who are fed up with having large, very heavy breast tissues.

Breast Reduction is a popular procedure that is often the best solution to help overcome the discomfort and physical restrictions of having heavy breast tissues or stretched-looking, downwards pointing areola (nipples).

Benefits of  Breast Reduction Surgery

  • readjusts your breast size to give your breasts – and entire body – a more balanced physique
  • reduces excessive breast weight
  • remedies droopiness and sagging
  • rebalances nipple shape or size (optional)
  • repositions the nipple
  • provides enhanced overall body proportions
  • naturalises and rejuvenates the look of the breast

A Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) can help bring your breasts into better proportion with the rest of your body.

It is performed under general anaesthesia and involves:

  • reducing excess breast fat (sometimes with liposuction for breast shaping)
  • surgically excising excess breast tissue
  • ‘tightening’ and ‘uplifting’ the breast skin
  • repositioning the nipple area.

For best outcomes, you’ll want your Surgeon to be highly precise in measurements, markings and incisions. Why? So that you get a pleasingly symmetrical and balanced breast size result that is both natural-looking and long-lasting.


Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Reduction?

Are your breasts interfering with your physical activities, clothing choices or social life? If you’re in:

  • relatively good health including a healthy BMI
  • a non-smoker
  • don’t have any contraindications for having surgery

Are you feeling you look larger than you actually are, or more ‘Top-Heavy’? Having heavy breasts often leaves you looking bigger than your actual body weight or body size.

  • Big breasts, especially when they cover a great proportion of your torso, make you look heavy or even ‘frumpy.’
  • Big breasts also tend to limit your clothing and bra buying options.
  • Heavy breasts can also interfere with sports, sleeping, climbing, driving and day to day activities.
  • Breast size can be the subject of un-welcomed attention in social situations and insensitive comments from strangers or even friends.

If necessary Dr Rebecca Wyten can also include a Breast Lift to help restore youth lost in weight loss, pregnancy or ageing.

Large breasts also have a tendency to hang lower on the torso than more moderately sized breasts. Women with large breasts also tend to have larger areola complex areas (nipples).  Extra-large, uneven or stretched nipples are another common concern for women who have very heavy breasts. If you have a health problem of any sort, just ask Dr Rebecca Wyten for her advice about your suitability for breast reduction surgery.

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When is the best time to get Breast Reduction Surgery?

Only YOU can decide – based on what you’ve experienced over a lifetime or decades of having very large, heavy breasts.

  • Large breasts can cause ongoing skin conditions and physical pain, as well as social embarrassment.
  • Large breasts tend to sag and lead to recurrent skin infections in the breast crease.
  • Heavy breasts restrict fashion choices and can result in unwanted comments from strangers as well as people who know you well.
  • Heavy breast tissues lead to bra straps ‘digging in’ the shoulder area and creating permanent skin grooves or indentations in the skin.
  • Heavy, large breasts make bra shopping nearly impossible and exercise a difficult or uncomfortable endeavour.
  • Large breasts can result in numerous problems for women who feel nature or pregnancy gave them ‘too much’ on top.

If you feel the size or weight of your breasts detrimentally impacts your daily activities, clothing choices, exercise options and comfort levels in activities and social situations, then Breast Reduction surgery may help.


To see Dr Rebecca Wyten’s Breast Reduction patient gallery, please visit the link here.

Breast Reduction Dr Wyten Female Plastic Surgeon Melbourne

The Breast Reduction Procedure: What Breast Reduction Surgery involves

Each procedure is customised to meet the individual patient’s needs.

Your surgery will take into account:

  • the existing breast tissue
  • breast size and weight
  • breast and nipple position
  • skin health including skin elasticity
  • underlying chest muscles
  • preferred breast size
  • preferred nipple size, appearance and location

Breast Reduction Surgery: Understanding Your Breast Reduction Options

How much breast weight can be removed during a Reduction Mammoplasty?

  • There are many options and variations of this procedure.
  • However, and even though it’s a popular procedure, it’s important to get the right information AND the right Surgery support BEFORE you choose to have surgery.
  • Several kilos of breast tissue can be removed during breast surgery.
  • It is not uncommon to have different amounts of fat removed from each breast or to use liposuction to help reshape the breast area (including the ‘sideboob’ area).
  • Dr Wyten can discuss appearance options and sizes – many women prefer to reduce breasts to a C or a B (from a DD or even a FF or larger) – they still want shapely breasts but not ‘very large’ breasts.
  • Each woman is different and communication is crucial re your final results.
  • If asymmetry is an issue, Dr Rebecca Wyten can remove different amounts from each breast to help reduce unevenness.

When is Breast Reduction Surgery a good decision?

  • There are numerous problems linked to having very heavy and large breasts.
  • Concerns about having very large breasts range from unwanted comments (social concerns) to shoulder pain, neck pain and back pain, to skin infections in the breast crease to difficulty finding a comfortable bra. It’s also very difficult to exercise when the size or shape of your breasts gets in the way.
  • Sometimes large breasts relate to genetics and sometimes to weight changes or post-pregnancy changes.
  • Losing weight sometimes helps but most women with heavy breasts have heavy breasts that are too large, or fall uncomfortably low on the rib cage area of the torso, no matter what their BMI.
  • Women who want a long term solution to heavy breasts linked with neck pain, back pain, shoulder bra-strap dig-ins and limited clothing, exercise, bra and swimwear choices are often best off getting a breast reduction – Breast Reduction is a common form of surgery and can help improve a woman’s quality of life who suffer discomfort or are subjected to harassment in relation to their breast appearance and size.

Although Male Breast Reductions (Gynecomastia) are common, it’s predominately women who get Breast Reduction Surgery to help aid back pain and discomfort.

And patients are thrilled to be able to walk more upright and sleep more comfortably – as well as being able to wear the clothing they always wanted to wear but didn’t feel comfortable in (or which didn’t fit properly), including bras, swimwear, workout gear and other fashions.



Animated Video of Breast Reduction Surgery

Why are large breasts so uncomfortable? How Breast Reduction Surgery Helps reduce pain and skin infections.

Very large or heavy breasts can result in:

  • physical problems such as neck, back and shoulder pain
  • bra discomfort or limitations in what kinds of bras fit comfortably
  • social concerns such as embarrassment or self-consciousness
  • unwanted attention and harassment
  • bra strap ‘groove marks’ in the skin
  • clothing limitations
  • sleep disruptions because it can be hard to get comfortable

Does this sound familiar? If so, chances are you’re not unlike other Australian women who feel burdened by having overly-expansive breast tissue. These are breasts which have a notably expansive profile (front or side protrusion ratio relative to the torso), or which hang low on the rib-cage.

Is Changing your Nipple area part of a Breast Reduction Operation?

When you get a breast reduction, your nipple can also be adjusted to give you a more balanced nipple-to-breast ratio.

It’s important that you let Dr Rebecca Wyten know of your preferences in terms of size and placement of the nipple, as this can often be adjusted during surgery.  That noted every person’s body and breasts are unique. Your current breast tissues – including nipples – may potentially have an impact on what approach will need to take to get you a quality Breast Reduction outcome.


Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery – Scar Minimisation and Post-Op Healing Care

Dr Rebecca Wyten prioritises scar minimisation and Post-Op Healing Care.

Scars and healing after your Breast Surgery will depend on many factors, some of which relate to your type of surgery, and some of which are under your control, and some related to your Surgeon’s expertise and some that are simply not fully predictable.

Scars reduce over time and require a bit of patience whist they minimise

Most scars tend to reduce over 12 to 24 months after your procedure if you take caution in your post-op activities. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself adequately for allowing enough time for your scars to heal thoroughly, and to soften and fade, before you judge them or engage in any scar revision options.

Factors that contribute to differences in scars

Some factors that contribute to your overall scar outcomes will be under your control (so be sure to follow Dr Wyten’s post-op instructions and post-op garment recommendations). Some of the scarring minimisations will be under your Surgeon’s control during the procedure but impacted by your physique, breast tissue size, skin condition and other factors. And some of the influences on your ultimate scarring will be genetic or environmentally based and not controllable.

But fortunately,er there are numerous products and surgical techniques as well as Fraxel laser scar minimisation treatments, that can help you reduce the degree of scarring for your procedures.

Good nutrition does help your healing, and your post-op Rapid Recovery Kit will have products — and recommendations — to optimise this period of time for best results.

Dr Rebecca Wyten offer’s a special post-op kit (Science & Love Rapid Recovery) that also includes special products to help you minimise your post-surgical scarring.

Your dedication to following post-operative healing instructions can also impact your scar outcomes.

Please follow the scar minimisation protocols and Post-Op instructions for best results from your Breast Reduction surgery.

Risks and Complications of Breast Reduction Surgery

Choosing whether or not a breast reduction surgery is right for you is a very personal decision. Breast reduction surgery, like all surgery, carries certain risks and complications.

Your surgeon and nurse advisor will take you through the risks and complications associated with breast reduction surgery to ensure you understand and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

After this you’ll be asked to sign a consent form indicating you fully understand the procedure, the associated risks, and potential complications issues.

How will a Breast Reduction impact breastfeeding in the future?

 Any surgery to the breast area has a risk of impacting some women’s breastfeeding choices; but surgery or not, not every woman is able to breastfeed. Dr Rebecca Wyten is adept at doing what she can to help preserve the capacity to breastfeed – there are no guarantees. We do all we can through our surgical approaches to preserve the function of the nipple.

Dr Rebecca Wyten aims to use the most advanced surgical incision procedures to get you the best minimal scarring result, along with scar reduction treatments and products as part of your post-operation patient care.

What scars you are left with may depend partially on your physique, your skin type, your existing breast tissue and breast shape or breast weight, your desired nipple location compared to your existing nipple location and your specific surgery desires in terms of position and location of the nipple and breast tissue.


Costs of Breast Reduction Surgery – Pricing and Cost of a high-quality precision Breast Reduction 

  • The exact price of your Breast Reduction surgery will reflect its complexity.
  • Every breast is different and you may have asymmetric breasts – each procedure is tailored and customised for you.
  • Your Breast Reduction surgery quote may also vary depending on how many nights you need to stay in hospital.
  • Nipple correction surgery may be included in your procedure.
  • Some Surgeries or Revisions are very complex such as extremely asymmetric breasts, reconstruction surgeries or reduction for very large breast.
  • Don’t risk a cheap or discounted Breast Reduction Surgery.

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