Tummy Tuck Surgery Melbourne

Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty Surgery in Melbourne, Victoria

  • Embarrassed about having a ‘muffin top’?
  • Feeling you look less feminine with a flabby tummy and no defined waistline?
  • Dreading summer or having to buy looser clothes or going to the beach?

Tummy Tuck Surgery is medically known as Abdominoplasty. It is popular for women who have muscle damage in the abdominal area OR who lost skin firmness after; having children, massive weight changes or post-menopause.

Dr Rebecca Wyten, Female Specialist Plastic Surgeon, regularly performs Tummy Tuck Surgery in Melbourne’s Eastern and South-Eastern Suburbs.

Even hormonal disruptions and simple ageing of the abdominal area and skin can leave you with more body fat and less muscle tone than you’re wanting. It is often the case that excess belly fat accumulates due to overall weight gain. However, even when you’re exercising regularly and eating properly, you can still have a ‘stomach pouch’ that will not respond to traditional methods of body contouring and fitness regimes.

When your tummy bulge remains no matter what you do, you’re sometimes best off to investigate a Tummy Tuck. It is a  surgery option that can help you get a flatter looking tummy and firmer abdomen.  It’ll often make it easier to; exercise, wear the clothing you love, feel more sexy and confident in your favourite swimwear or other fashion choices as well as with your intimate partner.

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What is a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty surgery?

An Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure focused on the removal of excess fat and loose skin around the stomach area. Tummy Tuck Surgery by a skilled Plastic Surgeon will also often include a full repair to your Abdominal muscles. It is common for these muscles to become separated or damaged during pregnancy. This damage can lead to the ‘post-baby’ tummy bulge and sagging skin.

Muscle repair during  Tummy Tuck surgery also helps strengthen your abdominal area and helps restore your ability to gain your “core strength” back. Patients can achieve this through exercise after their recovery period. In the past, it’s probable that these exercises did not prove effective due to damaged abdominal muscles.

Considering Tummy Tuck Surgery? Download our handy guide.

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Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

All patient outcomes vary, but with a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Procedure, Dr Rebecca Wyten can typically help to:

  • reshape your body to get you a flatter, tighter-looking abdominal area
  • restore your waistline contours post-pregnancy or after menopause
  • reduce excess baggy skin after significant weight-loss
  • repair torn abdominal muscles, abdominal hernias and umbilical hernias

Here are the common reasons people seek Abdominoplasty procedures to re-shape and contour their waistline

  • provides balanced waist-to-hip ratios and restores feminine curves
  • repairs abdominal muscle separation (damage) during pregnancy or childbirth
  • reduces excess fat and loose skin folds which often occur after weight loss or post-pregnancy
  • reduces the overhanging stomach apron
  • restores a smoother, tighter tummy and restores body-confidence
  • more freedom to wear different fashion styles
  • less likely to hide behind baggy or daggy clothing

Are you a good Candidate for Tummy Tuck surgery (Abdominoplasty)?

You may be an ideal candidate for a Tummy Tuck or Mummy Makeover if you:

  • Discover that although you’re generally fit and healthy exercise does not make much difference to your belly area
  • Wish your waist was smaller than your hips
  • Want to reduce the tummy-pouch appearance of a bulging post-pregnancy or post-menopausal belly
  • Want to reduce loose, baggy-looking stomach skin folds after weight change
  • Have a stable weight, are a non-smoker and are in generally good health
  • Care about improving your appearance and want to get your body confidence back again after becoming a Mum
  • Are you considering having Tummy Tuck surgery?

You’re likely a candidate for a TUMMY TUCK if

  • You’ve reached your goal weight, the dedication in the gym, focus on nutrition and healthy lifestyle has paid off.
  • Or perhaps following pregnancy, you’ve worked hard to get your body back into shape. But your body shape does not show all your hard work. Furthermore, how you look on the outside, does not reflect how you feel on the inside.
  • With excess skin folds and saggy skin around your stomach, you don’t feel fully satisfied or able to celebrate all of your hard work in getting your body into shape or losing weight.

But that’s where Tummy Tuck surgery or other body contouring surgery can really help you get the shape you are wanting. It helps you “get your body and your feminine confidence back”.

tummy tuck surgery dr wyten

Why do so many people get Tummy Tucks?

Having excess, saggy skin and a ‘stomach apron’ can feel deflating for some Mums, especially those who prided themselves on keeping fit before and during their pregnancy. It can also be deflating for men and women who have lost a lot of excess weight through bariatric surgery or other procedures.

Many women blog (in community forums) that they feel a renewed sense of body confidence or femininity – even a restored sense of feminine sexiness – after they get their stomachs ‘back in shape’ again by removing excess skin folds and repairing torn abdominal muscles.

Ask our Patient Care Advisors to put you in touch with a patient(s) who’s had the procedure and is happy to share their experience with you.

Dr Rebecca Wyten is also happy to answer your questions in either a private consultation OR at one of our special Practice Events. These events are FREE attendance but reservations are necessary.

Post-Pregnancy and Weight Changes can Impact your Tummy and Breasts

It is common for women to be left with excessive, sagging skin following either pregnancy or significant weight loss. If you’re struggling with these body changes, a Tummy Tuck or Breast enhancement surgery can help.

“Help – my tummy looks like I’m still pregnant! But I had my last child over five years ago.”

We hear this a lot from Mums who’s tummy’s have lost laxity and firmness or who’ve been left with excess, loose and draping stomach skin.

  • You may also have exercise-resistant deposits of fat around your abdomen along with numerous, highly-visible stretch marks.
  • Post-baby bodies can also leave you with droopy, sagging breasts, flappy upper arm skin and other unsightly or undesired body changes.
  • These stubborn areas and skin folds can be hard to shift with exercise and weight management strategies on their own.
  • Surgical assistance may be necessary to get the body-recovery or abdominal-area tightness you desire.

Has post-pregnancy resulted in being unhappy with your body? It’s not uncommon.

A Tummy Tuck can help you get your body – and body confidence – back again.

Sometimes Healthy Living & Exercising Regularly just can’t help to Remove Excess Skin – But a Tummy Tuck can help

Sadly, exercise cannot fix excess skin. If your abdominal muscles became damaged or your skin became severely saggy after pregnancy, you will always have a bulging belly unless you repair the abdominal muscles and remove the excess skin.

Which of the Procedures will get you the best results for YOUR concerns is something to discuss with Dr Wyten. She will help you understand what certain procedures can and cannot accomplish for your specific concerns and physique.

There are usually different approaches available, but Dr Rebecca Wyten will help you understand which of these will help you get the best results from your Abdominoplasty surgery or excess skin-reduction procedures.

If you’re considering Surgery with a non-Plastic Surgeon, be sure to assess whether your Surgeon will perform a complete abdominal muscle repair surgery OR just the removal of the tummy apron.  Without abdominal repair, many patients are unhappy with their tummy tucks -that’s why having a Plastic Surgeon who doesn’t take shortcuts is important.

Dr Rebecca Wyten offers abdominal muscle repair and precise stomach contouring for Tummy Tuck surgery – to help you get the best possible natural-looking results from your procedure.


If you would like to see Dr Rebecca Wytens patient before and after Tummy Tuck gallery, please click here.

tummy tuck _Dr-Wyten_female-plastic-surgeon_Melbourne
Tummy Tuck Surgery _Dr-Wyten_female-plastic-surgeon_Melbourne

Different Types of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Dr Rebecca Wyten will help you assess which procedure can get you the best outcomes to meet your concerns about your abdominal area.

Full Tummy Tuck Surgery, Lower Tummy Tuck Surgery and Upper Tummy Tuck Tuck Surgery.

There are several different types of  Tummy Tuck surgical procedures available. The one that’s right for you will depend on your condition, physique, presenting problems and medical and prior surgery history.

Here are some of your potential options:

  1. Lower Tummy Tuck – your lower tummy skin is tightened and muscles are repaired
  2. Upper Tummy Tuck – your upper tummy skin is tightened and muscles are repaired
  3. Full Tummy Tuck – Full tightening and flattening of your stomach and complete repair of your underlying stomach muscles

plastic surgery results tummy tuck surgery dr wyten

Overall, we understand that most patients want their Tummy Tuck surgery done without the use of uncomfortable surgical drains.

Dr Wyten has advanced and precise tummy tuck techniques that permit “DRAIN FREE” Tummy Tuck surgery for most patients

Most patients want minimal scarring where this is possible but all surgeries involve scars, especially a Tummy Tuck procedure – and scars do minimise over time with proper care and patience. Dr Wyten always strives to get you the least amount of possible scarring.

Dr Wyten regularly performs NO DRAIN procedures for Tummy Tucks as well as Breast Lifts and other Body and Breast Contouring Surgeries.

Drain free surgery procedures not only help with post-surgical healing and recovery processes, we understand that Abdominoplasty drains are often very uncomfortable for patients.  It is also a risk that drains themselves can be the source site for infections.

So where ever possible, NO DRAIN procedures are used and Dr Rebecca Wyten is an expert at procedures to help you get the best surgical results from Abdominoplasty (including minimisation of scars using various methods of light-based treatments or DermaPen, from Healite II to Fraxel for some scar reductions).

post pregnancy body changes Tummy Tuck or Breast enhancement surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery Outcomes?

Whilst they vary from patient to patient, having stronger abdominal muscles and reduced skin folds tends to give a smoother, flatter-looking ‘firmer’ tummy area.

Dr Rebecca Wyten is highly skilled at helping you get your abdominal area and breasts more towards what they looked like before your pregnancy or weight change.

*Individual results can vary significantly between patients. Discuss your expectations with Dr Wyten to be sure you have realistic and achievable expectations of what surgery can — and cannot — accomplish in terms of your body appearance goals.

Exercise doesn’t always help you get your body back – you can’t exercise stretched tummy or breast skin back into shape.

Women are often told that staying in shape and maintaining your body weight is the best way to achieve a flat and toned abdomen. What they are finding after pregnancy, menopause or other weight changes is that exercise and good nutrition will only get you so far. Sometimes additional assistance is needed to shift stubborn fat deposits or tighten skin that has lost elasticity.

Whether your tummy ‘pouch’ or saggy, crinkled abdominal skin has occurred due to significant weight fluctuation (such as after gastric banding), pregnancy, ageing or heredity, our Surgeons can help.

A Tummy Tuck can help remove excess, sagging stomach skin, exercise-resistant abdominal fat, and skin folds that no amount of exercise can help.

It also can repair and strengthen core abdominal muscles, which often need repair during the Tummy Tuck surgery. This is often an involved process, a surgical procedure that may involve about three stages of abdominal muscle repair which requires a highly-skilled and experienced Plastic Surgeon for the best Tummy Tuck results.

Your outcome may also be influenced by whether or not you follow Dr Wyten’s post-op instructions closely, such as Rapid Recovery protocols and your wearing of the right support garments for the designated period of time.

It also helps to follow a nutritionally-healthy eating plan and to keep your weight stable after your surgery.


Are you wanting an excellent Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeon who will help to get you excellent surgical results?

You’ll be glad to know Dr Rebecca Wyten is known for:

  • extensive experience in abdominoplasty surgeries
  • high-precision surgical skills
  • fully customised surgical planning
  • the latest in post-op recovery methods
  • scar minimisation using Fraxel treatments and Rapid Recovery packages included with your procedure
  • no-drain procedures for most patients

Dr Rebecca Wyten is extremely dedicated to helping you to get a flatter, firmer and contoured abdominal area (waistline) and remove the excess skin folds and stubborn fat from your Tummy area so that you feel great about your body again after having children.

Dr Rebecca Wyten operates at accredited major hospitals in Melbourne to assist patients in providing optimal care. She only uses experienced Anaesthetists and a top Surgical Support Team for best practice Tummy Tuck procedures.

Making The Decision to have a Tummy Tuck

The decision to undergo an abdominoplasty procedure is a personal one.

We’re here to help you understand all your options and answer your questions to ensure you feel confident about your decisions.

You’ll also feel more comfortable and relax about your Surgery knowing you’re in the excellent care of a highly-skilled Plastic Surgeon, who is devoted to precision techniques, and who have decades of expertise in getting quality surgery results.

Combined Procedures – The Mummy Makeover

Breast and Tummy Surgery Combinations

Many women who want a Tummy Tuck procedure have also become a bit unhappy about what pregnancy, breast-feeding or gravity has done to their breasts. They may have droopy breasts or breasts that have lost their shape and firmness. Or they may have breasts which lack attractive cleavage, with nipples pointing downwards. This can result in empty-looking breast tissue or sagging breast skin, and leave women looking a lot older than they actually are. Drooping breasts come in varying degrees. The technical term for drooping breasts is called “breast ptosis.”

Combined Procedure Options to treat sagging Breast Tissue and Stomach Skin: Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation, Reduction or Breast Lift Surgery

If you’re concerned about breasts and tummy changes after pregnancy, a combined Breast Lift (with or without augmentation or reduction) with Abdominoplasty can help

These combined procedures are often referred to as a “Mummy Makeover” surgery procedure – which may involve a series of sequential surgeries to help you get the specific body-makeover look you’re wanting after having children.

*Please note that individual surgical outcomes can vary significantly from patient to patient.  

Be sure to discuss your expectations – including what you believe would be the best result for your surgery – with Dr Wyten, who can help you assess whether your surgery expectations are:

  1. achievable through Surgery
  2. realistic for your body shape, fitness levels or overall physique
  3. the best option in comparison with other types of procedures (such as a Circumferential Abdominoplasty)

We welcome you to arrange a chat with a Patient Care Advisor if you want your preliminary questions answered, before booking a confidential consultation for a Mummy Makeover procedure.

stretch marks tummy tuck liposuction surgery

Recovery after Tummy Tuck Surgery

The key to a smooth recovery after surgery is planning and support.  Before your surgery, a specialist Nurse Advisor will develop a recovery plan with you. It will cover issues like caring for children, your return to work, follow up visits and a full set of patient information.  By planning ahead and keeping you fully informed we can help make your recovery much smoother.

Operating in Fully Accredited Hospitals

Our approach to recovery is simple. We do whatever we can to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

muffin top surgery pros and cons

After you leave hospital we will not charge extra for follow up visits, extra aftercare, laser treatments, nutritional supplements or anything else we provide during your recovery and aftercare. Sometimes patients need extra services we don’t provide, like radiology. If that happens we do our best to minimise or eliminate out of pocket costs. Your Nurse Advisor can give you more information.

What to expect during your recovery

  • Generally, patients require 2-3 nights’ hospital stay.
    • We use top tier private hospitals for all our patients.
    • They offer the highest level of medical support during the all-important early recovery phase.
  • Dr Wyten will visit you the day after your surgery to check on your progress.
    • If you need more support she will be there for any many follow up visits as you need. Dr Wyten prides herself on being available for you.
  • You will also receive a follow-up visit from an experienced, specialist nurse from our rooms. If you need more support you will receive further visits from our practice Nursing staff.
  • You will experience some discomfort with swelling and tightness for several days. Laughter, coughing and getting out of bed will all be uncomfortable at first. Modern pain control techniques are very good and in many cases the discomfort is minimal.
  • We will also provide you with an after surgery recovery pack that includes; non-soap body wash and a range of very high-quality bath products to use in hospital and during recovery.
  • Where appropriate we offer free compression garments for our abdominoplasty patients. Generally, if they are required they are worn for about six weeks.

Recovery at home

  • Everyone is different but you should allow 2-3 off work to recover.
  • Medical certificates are available during your recovery period. If you have a really strenuous job you might need longer.
    • We do everything we can to get you back to work as soon as we can but going back before you are ready will delay full recovery.
    • During your follow up visits your Nurse Advisor will monitor your progress.
  • Heavy or strenuous physical activity must be avoided for 1-2 months after your surgery.
    • You can do light exercise during this time, but you will need to take care of how and when you do it. Our practice nurses can give you detailed advice.
  • If you have young children our practice nurses can make some suggestions on how to manage to look after them during recovery. A little bit of planning goes a long way.
  • You can drive 2-3 weeks after surgery, when traffic conditions are safe and when you feel comfortable.
  • Your review appointments will be organised for one week, 6 months and 12 months post-surgery. If you need more support during recovery we offer a range of options including unlimited additional follow up visits with your practice nurse or Surgeon.
  • All patients receive a course of Fraxel laser scar treatment as part of their aftercare. There is no additional charge. These appointments also allow extra opportunities for you to seek advice and speak to a Practice Nurse.

Making the decision

The decision to have tummy tuck surgery is extremely personal and you’ll have to decide if the benefits will achieve your goals and if the risks and potential complications are acceptable. Dr Wyten will explain in detail the risks associated with the surgery and will then answer any questions and concerns that you may have. You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure you will undergo and any risks or potential complications.

We offer FREE Fraxel Treatments for scar minimisation during the Tummy Tuck follow up care period.

*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient.
The information we provide is of a general nature.


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