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Dr Rebecca Wyten

Your First Consultation with Dr Rebecca Wyten

If you’re considering having plastic surgery with Dr Rebecca Wyten, here’s what to expect for your first consultation.

Dr Wyten sees patients at 2 Melbourne locations:

  • St John of God Hospital, 75 Kangan Drive, Berwick
  • 260 Mitcham Rd, Mitcham

Dr Wyten operates at 4 Melbourne locations:

  • St John of God Hospital, 75 Kangan Drive, Berwick
  • Mitcham Private Hospital, 27 Doncaster E Road, Mitcham
  • Waverley Private Hospital, 343-357 Blackburn Road, Mt Waverley
  • St Vincent’s Private Hospital, 5 Studley Ave, Kew

What do I need to do before booking a consultation with Dr Wyten?

Having surgery is a big decision. It’s important to consider your motivations for surgery and your desired outcome from surgery.

Before booking an appointment with Dr Wyten, it’s important to consult with your General Practitioner (GP) to discuss your needs and to find out more about having plastic surgery. It’s now an Australian requirement that all patients considering having cosmetic surgery see a GP or other Medical Practitioner prior to seeing a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. If deemed appropriate, your GP or other specialist can refer you to Dr Wyten for a further consultation. 

Do I need to have any tests before seeing Dr Wyten? 

The following tests are recommended prior to these specific operations.

Abdominoplasty surgery:

  • Abdominal ultrasound to measure the rectus divarication (abdominal muscle separation), and to exclude abdominal hernias

Breast surgery:

  • If you’re aged under 40 years: Breast ultrasound
  • If you’re aged 40 years or over: Breast ultrasound and mammogram
  • If you have breast implants already, you may need to have a MRI – please confirm if this is required at the time of booking your consultation 

What clothing should I wear to my consultation with Dr Wyten?

Dr Wyten recommends you wear comfortable clothing to your consultation. Dr Wyten will need to examine your body to give you personalised surgical recommendations, and it is common to have photographs taken of your body (pre-surgery photos) so please wear clothing that is easy to get in and out of.

What do I need to bring to my consultation with Dr Wyten?

Please bring the following to your consultation with Dr Wyten:

  • Your referral letter from your GP
  • Any relevant investigations you have had (e.g., recent breast screening tests)
  • A list of any questions you may have for Dr Wyten about the surgery you are considering
  • Your Medicare card and Private Health Insurance information (if you have this)
  • Patients seeing other medical specialists for other significant medical conditions may be required to have a letter confirming your fitness for surgery, and any considerations that may need to be made with regard to your current treatment (e.g., medication changes). This is to ensure potential risks are managed and to maximise the chance of a smooth recovery.

Who should come with me to my consultation with Dr Wyten?

Your consultation is private and confidential between yourself and Dr Wyten. However, you may wish to bring a support person, such as a partner or friend, along with you to your consultation.

What will happen during my first consultation with Dr Wyten?

You will have a discussion with Dr Wyten about your surgical goals, your medical history and lifestyle. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about potential treatment options and likely outcomes, as well as risks associated with surgery, and what to expect after surgery. 

Dr Wyten will discuss associated fees for surgery and if you decide to proceed, you can discuss available surgery dates. Further consultations prior to surgery may be required. 

How much does a first consultation with Dr Wyten cost?

A first consultation with Dr Wyten costs $350 and is payable on the day.

Dr Wyten accepts payments by cash or card.

Some patients may be eligible for a partial rebate from Medicare for their consultation depending on the type of surgery they are considering.

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Consultation Process and Patient-Centered Care

The consultation process is the foundation of Dr Wyten's practice. She and her support team prioritise patient-centred care above all else - ensuring that patients receive personalised attention and comprehensive information.

Her team will always ensure that you are able to make an informed decision, taking time to discuss potential benefits and risks. Dr Wyten takes a holistic approach to her work, fostering partnerships with other specialists to build a detailed management plan as patient safety is paramount throughout the journey.

Her commitment to high-quality care extends beyond consultation and surgical procedures. She and her team will ensure you have ongoing support and care from your first consultation through to your recovery to ensure the best possible outcomes in a supportive environment.

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