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AHPRA registration MED 0001218326

Dr Rebecca Wyten

Important updates

Changes for cosmetic surgery procedures – in effect from 1st July 2023

Significant safety reforms came into effect from 1st July 2023 to better protect patients considering having cosmetic surgery procedures. These reforms include changes to how cosmetic surgery can be advertised, processes that patients considering having cosmetic surgery must undergo, and changes to consultations with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon prior to having any cosmetic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgery procedures performed by Dr Wyten include, breast augmentation surgery (with implants or fat grafting), liposuction, mastopexy, and some abdominoplasty procedures.

Information about these changes is provided below, however for the full information, please visit these Medical Board of Australia websites:


Changes to advertising for cosmetic surgery

Good practice cosmetic surgery advertising is honest, balanced, realistic, and informative (Medical Board of Australia). Guidelines have been introduced to ensure that advertising for cosmetic surgery procedures is accurate, gives balanced information, and accurately shows the potential outcomes and risks of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery advertising can not offer incentives, gifts or discounts, and testimonials are not allowed.

Specialist plastic surgeon

Only medical practitioners with specialist qualifications and registration can use a ‘Specialist’ title in advertising. Dr Rebecca Wyten (MED0001218326) is a registered Medical Practitioner and Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Body image and mental health

Not all patients have a realistic view of their body image and may have low self-esteem or body dysmorphia. There are options other than cosmetic surgery to manage your appearance, or feelings about your appearance. More rigorous screening of cosmetic surgery patients to ensure that surgery is in their best interests is now required.

Patient suitability for cosmetic surgery assessment

All patients seeking cosmetic surgery must have a referral, preferably from their usual general practitioner (GP), otherwise from another GP or other specialist medical practitioner. The referring medical practitioner must not work with the surgeon performing the surgery, and must not perform cosmetic surgery or procedures themselves.

During the consultation with the surgeon, the reasons and motivations for having cosmetic surgery will be discussed, as well as the patient’s expectations of surgery to ensure that they are realistic. A validated psychological screening tool to screen for Body Dysmorphic Disorder will also be performed. Further evaluation by other health practitioners such as psychologists, psychiatrists, or GPs may be required.

A minimum of two consultations before proceeding with cosmetic surgery is required, and there must be a cooling-off period of at least seven days following the two consultations and signing of informed consent for surgery forms, prior to surgery dates being booked.

Facilities for cosmetic surgery

All cosmetic surgery must be performed in an accredited facility that is appropriate for the procedure and patient. All of the hospitals that Dr Wyten operates in meet this requirement.

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Consultation Process and Patient-Centered Care

The consultation process is the foundation of Dr Wyten's practice. She and her support team prioritise patient-centred care above all else - ensuring that patients receive personalised attention and comprehensive information.

Her team will always ensure that you are able to make an informed decision, taking time to discuss potential benefits and risks. Dr Wyten takes a holistic approach to her work, fostering partnerships with other specialists to build a detailed management plan as patient safety is paramount throughout the journey.

Her commitment to high-quality care extends beyond consultation and surgical procedures. She and her team will ensure you have ongoing support and care from your first consultation through to your recovery to ensure the best possible outcomes in a supportive environment.

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