Breast Augmentation

Are you wanting your breasts to look FULLER? DO you wish your breasts looked more CURVY or SHAPELY and larger in size? Perhaps you’d like them to be just a bit more proportional to your overall physique and torso? If so, Breast Augmentation Surgery is a breast surgery option that can help you to increase your breast size or shape. Many women who have this surgery report feeling more feminine and more confident about their bodies, although surgery is serious and it’s important to not take it lightly.

Female Surgeon Dr Rebecca Wyten talks about different types of Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation Procedures – Breast Implants vs Fat Transfer

  • The most common form of Breast Augmentation involves using breast implants by Motiva or Mentor, in a round or teardrop shape, and placing them in a small surgically created pocket under existing breast tissues.
  • Incisions are made under the breasts in the crease although, for some patients, other incision/insertion options may be available.
  • Fat transfer using liposuction may be an option to consider, but for the majority of patients, the size changes they want are better gained via breast implants in one surgical procedure vs several liposuctions and fat transfer procedures.
    • Not all body fat that is transferred via liposuction and fat-transfer/fat grafting injections will ‘take’.
    • So fat grafting may involve a LOT more in terms of surgery theatre visits and even costs over the longer run, for somewhat small or inconsistent gains.
    • But for some patients, it may be a suitable enhancement option.  A consultation will help you and Dr Rebecca Wyten assess your goals for breast augmentation surgery and which best-practice approach will suit your needs, physique and size goals.
  • The Breast Augmentation surgery procedure results in an increased bra cup size and larger, fuller breast volume, creating a breast size that better matches your BODY, CHEST WIDTH and DESIRED cleavage/breast curves.
  • It is performed frequently as a bilateral (both sides) operation although if you have uneven or droopy breasts, you may need corrective surgery to re-size the breasts differently and/or uplift the breasts along with an augmentation procedure.

Dr Rebecca Wyten uses only the best quality Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation Surgery, from Mentor and Motiva.

breast augmentation with natural looking results or small implants vs very large breast implants - Melbourne or Berwick Frankston location near me
This image is represented by a model only and is not an actual patient

Please Consult Dr Wyten for Further Advice Today.

Each patient is an individual, and each surgery is customised to fit each patient. Please contact us today for any questions or to arrange a consult with Dr Rebecca Wyten. Have a Breast Augmentation Assessment/Consultation in Dr Wyten’s Melbourne or Berwick rooms. Find out what YOU can do to get your upper-half looking more aesthetically balanced in terms of proportion, cleavage, size and shape



Can Breast Augmentation look natural with breast implants or fat transfer?

Specialist Plastic Surgeon consulting in Melbourne
This image is represented by a model only and is not an actual patient

How a breast augmentation will look after surgery really depends on what you’re starting with and what increases in size (shape and cup size volume) that you’re wanting to achieve. This includes how much natural breast tissue you have before augmentation surgery and how much skin you have in your chest region that can help cover your new implants. You also have a choice of augmentation procedures, although for most desired breast size increases, using good quality breast implants is necessary to get a larger size.  For natural-looking results, don’t choose a size that will be either overly small OR overly large for your body frame.  Plastic Surgeon Dr Wyten can assist you in assessing which type, size and shape of breast implant might be a great choice for your breast enlargement goals.

Results from breast augmentation also depend on choosing the RIGHT sized implant to help provide longevity of results so you can get the most years out of your surgical procedure.  You don’t want to choose an overly large implant if you have a smaller body, for example, or it might end up quite noticeable.

Life changes impact your breast enlargement results over time. If you experience pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight changes after breast surgery, your results will also likely change. But breast augmentation (breast enlargement) surgery and what you’re wanting in terms of results is really is an individual decision.

  • Dr Wyten helps patients to enhance their breast appearance.
  • She can assist with breast augmentation, breast lift surgery (Mastopexy) or a breast reduction, as well as REMOVAL and REPLACEMENT of existing implants.
  • She can also help even out breasts that are different in size or shape; augmenting existing breast contours and cleavage, increasing volumes that still remain proportionate to your entire physique – giving you a natural-looking size enhancement option.
  • Very large breast implants/large breast augmentations may also be an option for suitable candidates with healthy, resilient skin – find out if you’re a good candidate by arranging a consultation. Phone today as waiting times for consultations with Dr Wyten may apply, and surgery theatre lists can fill quickly over the summer school holiday periods.

Why do women seek Breast Augmentation Surgery with Dr Rebecca Wyten?

Female Surgeon breast implants melbourne

Patients choose Dr Rebecca Wyten (Melbourne, Berwick and convenient to Frankston/Mornington Peninsula) for the following reasons:

  1. FRACS Qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is highly experienced in surgery of the Breast and Tummy.
  2. An artist – Years of expertise in performing artistic, long-lasting, harmonious breast augmentation surgery (plus artisan skills in surgical planning and physique balancing).
  3. Insists on using high-quality breast implants such as Mentor or Motiva.
  4. Dr Wyten has skills in fat transfer/fat grafting processes to breasts using liposuction and fat-injecting technologies when needed to boost contours after breast implant surgery.
  5. Can perform both Breast Surgery and Tummy Tuck Surgery for post-pregnancy body reshaping.
  6. Is approachable, respectful, considerate and empathetic.
  7. She’s happy to answer any and all questions you have about your surgery procedure or risks, and as an artist, she performs artisan customisation of augmentation surgery to help you get you a LOOK that suits your body.

Melbourne Breast Enlargement Options

Melbourne Breast Enlargement Options rebecca wyten
This image is represented by a model only and is not an actual patient

Whether you are wanting a subtle enhancement and minor breast enlargement to a more pronounced breast augmentation surgery outcome, Dr Rebecca Wyten can help you get the look you’re wanting, so long as you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure.

The best breast surgery outcomes are often a result of:

  • open, honest discussions between Surgeon and Patient
  • a collaborative approach to the entire process
  • realistic expectations maintained by the patient at all stages of the process
  • willingness to follow post-surgery recommendations carefully and attend all post-surgery appointments
  • the patient is a dedicated non-smoker
  • patient understands surgery risks and surgery choices
  • the patient is willing to choose a good implant size that suits their appearance enhancement desires AND their SKIN and PHYSIQUE
  • the patient follows pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions, including Rapid Recovery healing strategies and scar treatments when advised

What Plastic Surgeon Dr Rebecca Wyten can help you with in terms of your breast augmentation surgery objectives.

  • Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Rebecca Wyten offers breast augmentation surgery that helps provide natural-looking, curvier breast shape and enhanced cleavage.
  • This helps patients attain a more balanced, feminine or shapely upper half and more pronounced or curvy cleavage.
  • Having curvier, shapelier or larger breasts allows some women to feel more body-confident or change the clothing they feel comfortable in, giving them more choices in what they feel comfortable to wear.
  • Feeling body-proud about one’s body proportions also helps some women (but not all) feel more confident in swimwear, gym gear, or when undressing during moments of intimacy.
  • Find out what to expect during a breast augmentation consultation – and remember, results DO vary from patient to patient and surgery DOES have risks.
  • Read all the information provided to you and do your online research.

Breast Augmentation Surgery can help you get Larger, Fuller and More Shapely Breasts

  • Dr Wyten can also help adjust your nipple size or shape, correct breast ptosis (sagging breasts) or correct breast asymmetry or tuberous breasts.
  • Her Breast Augmentation procedures are custom-planned to suit YOUR overall physique and appearance goals.

If you’ve craved for a bit more cleavage or for curvier, slightly larger breasts or if you want to enhance your current proportions to achieve a more feminine appearance, Breast Enlargement Surgery can help.  With Dr Wyten’s breast augmentation procedures using implant performed in accredited Australian hospitals, you can relax knowing you’ve chosen an accredited Specialist Plastic Surgeon and experienced team.

Download Our Breast Augmentation Guide


What’s important to know about Breast Enlargement procedures

Breast Enlargement - Mentor and Allergan Implants

  • The official medical term for Breast Enlargement Surgery with Breast Implants is Breast Augmentation Surgery.
  • There are many options and variations of this procedure, however, from implant type and size to profile (projection or cleavage) to incision location to healing and scar treatment protocols.
  • Not all Surgeons are alike! Be sure you understand that a cosmetic surgeon is NOT the same as a Plastic Surgeon.
  • Plastic Surgeons with FRACS qualifications are often some of the most highly trained and experienced surgeons for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.
  • Whereas nearly anyone can call themselves a “Cosmetic Surgeon” in the medical profession, the term “Specialist Plastic Surgeon” is a protected title.
  • This title indicates an extremely high level of Training, Certification, and Testing before it is approved for use by a Surgeon.  You should look for the “FRACS” qualification meaning the Surgeon is a ‘fellow’ of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Hospital surgery environments will often offer overnight patient care and are likely to offer more rigour in safety monitoring than, perhaps, a back room in a clinic.
  • Australian implant suppliers Mentor and Motiva are some of the most respected brands offered in Australia at the current time, with known longevity periods and surgery outcomes.

TIP: Even though breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s important to get the right information AND the right Surgery support BEFORE you choose to have surgery.

For example, there are many brands of breast implants on the market, but not all are suitable for all patients AND not all are equal in reputation or longevity from what our team has seen.

Breast Augmentation at our Clinic offers you a variety of breast implant enhanced breast shapes, sizes and profiles – from a little bit extra to a significant enlargement of your breasts.

No matter what size implant you think is best to choose, Dr Wyten will ensure that your Breast Augmentation Surgery experience involves quality information and open discussions about your surgery, breast implant choices, volume increases/size enhancement decisions, your plastic surgery recovery period and surgery risks.

It is very important that you are NOT a smoker and that you do NOT smoke if you want to have surgery. SO be sure to quit well in advance of your procedure OR your complications risks will be elevated.

Artisan Breast Augmentation Surgery and Custom Surgery for Enlarging the Breasts or Improving Cleavage

Better Cleavage, Larger yet Natural-Looking Volume Increases

Dr Rebecca Wyten focuses on providing personalised customisation for breast enlargement surgery, From helping you choose an implant size option that can best suit your entire physique to understanding how you can assist your incisions heal during the recovery phase of your surgery, you’ll find her bedside manner and her approachability are excellent.

Warm, engaging and down to earth, she is highly regarded by her Team at Cosmetic Surgery for Women and her patients find her artistic background (she’s also an artist) a bonus in relation to the artisan customisation of surgery procedures and incision line placements.  In other words, she’s not just technically adept – she thinks very visually in terms of getting you an aesthetically appealing result that meets your size increase aims so long as this is possible for your body type.  Remember, each patient is different, and results can vary from patient to patient.

What you begin with DOES have an impact on your results.

What does it mean to customise breast enlargement surgery (Breast Augmentation using Implants)?

Customisation of breast enlargement surgery means that torso measurements, height and weight, implant size, incision treatments and placement planning are taken seriously by your Surgeon.  They are viewed with the aim of getting long-lasting, proportionally pleasing results and cleavage and projection that looks right with the rest of your body and/or meets your desires in terms of enlargement.

In addition to precision pre-surgery measurements and using quality Breast Implants, Dr Rebecca Wyten LISTENS to what YOU want to attain through your augmentation surgery. Here’s what makes Dr Wyten a popular choice of surgeon:

  • She has an excellent style of communication and is very approachable.
  • She’s had international training and experience as well as graduating from some of Australia’s best
  • She insists on using only implants with recognised quality brand names.
  • She indicates that ‘patient-based customisation’ and decisions are more important than ‘trendy’ in terms of decisions about implants or augmentation procedures
  • She seeks to use implants that have great track records in relation to durability, placement stability, longevity and breast shape control.

Breast Enlargement – Mentor and Motiva Implants (Round or Anatomical), with or without additional fat transfer if required

If you’re like many of Dr Wyten’s patients who choose breast enlargement surgery using quality breast implants, you’ll likely love:

  • having firmer, fuller breasts that fill out a bra or swimsuit
  • having cleavage you can accentuate with beautiful lingerie, bras, swimwear, plunging necklines and other fashions
  • having more rounded breasts that may appear more feminine than breasts that sit relatively flat against the chest wall, or which are underdeveloped, out of proportion or tuberous breasts (puffy or constricted, somewhat pointy-looking breasts)

Would you like to feel more comfortable in swimwear, lingerie or décolletage revealing fashions? Breast Augmentation may be the solution.

If you’re tired of using padded bras or temporary silicon ‘bra-stuffers’ to get the cleavage look you want, then breast augmentation surgery may be worth exploring.  If you want to feel more confident wearing swimwear, lingerie and other fashions, breast implants and/or fat transfer breast augmentation may help.

Breast Augmentation is a personal decision.

Dr Wyten's breast enlargement surgery quality breast implants

  • Some women simply do NOT feel comfortable wearing clothing or engaging in intimacy where they feel unhappy with the size, shape or position of their breasts or nipples.
  • Do you want to balance our your breast proportions, even out asymmetry, and/or gain more prominent or noticeable breast cleavage contours?
  • Then ask to meet with Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Rebecca Wyten, to learn how she can help you get the breast shape, breast size or cleavage contours you’ve been seeking.

Dr Wyten uses quality implants from top manufacturers or suppliers in Australia and operates in Australia hospitals using experienced Anaesthetists.

  • Remember, individual results can vary and no two patients are the same.
  • A 250 cc implant may look one way on you but very different on another person.
  • It’s the expertise of Dr. Wyten knowing which implant, and which type of breast surgery, that is most likely to get you a great result that meets your personal aims for having breast augmentation surgery.

Dr Wyten can help you understand what breast implant size might suit your overall physique in the best aesthetic way, taking into consideration what YOU view as a great potential result. – even using Vectra 3D imaging or bra sizers to help you visualise what your new larger breasts will look like on your body once you heal from your surgery procedure.

And we have ways to help you minimise your scars whilst improving your recovery experience – including Healite II when required and a Rapid Recovery pack and support bras for after surgery!

Breast size, nipple locations and bra cup sizes may have a significant impact on your overall body appearance.

  • Too much on top or too little, and your body may look disproportionate or out of balance.
  • Breast Augmentation surgery by a FRACS (Plastic) Breast Surgeon – one of the most highly trained Breast Surgeons you can find – can help up-size, uplift, re-position and reshape your breasts.
  • If you weren’t given full, curved or proportionate breasts – or if you have tuberous breasts or uneven breasts – Breast Surgery using quality breast implants (with or without additional fat transfer) can help you get the balanced, curvy upper body proportions you have wanted.

There are numerous aspects to consider and other augmentation or enlargement procedures can also help you get better cleavage or more uplifted, even breast tissue.

Whether you want to have slightly more noticeable breast cleavage, side boob or a fuller breast cup size (from an A or B cup size to a C or D cup size, for example), Breast Augmentation surgery can help reshape or fill-out your breast area.

You also have a choice of breast implants (silicone gel filled or saline) as well as round or anatomical, smooth or textured – and what type of profile you are wanting in terms of projection or cleavage.

Ask Dr Rebecca Wyten how she customises breast enlargement surgery for each and every patient – using extensive measurements and surgical planning to get you a result that looks good and proportionate for your overall physique.

Cosmetic Breast Enlargement Surgery Procedures (Breast Augmentation Surgery)

Cosmetic Breast Augmentation or Nipple Surgery
This image is represented by a model only and is not an actual patient

Can these procedures help your breasts look fuller and more shapely?

Breast Surgery by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon can help you to re-contour and fill out your breast area or breast tissues.

Cosmetic Surgery for Breast Enlargement can help your breasts become:

  • More symmetrical in appearance (some breasts are noticeably uneven or have nipples pointing in different directions, which can be corrected by Plastic Surgeon Dr Wyten)
  • Fuller and more rounded or with an improved overall breast shape or nipple appearance
  • Firmer-looking or more youthful looking (if they are currently sagging or appear empty after having children, for example)
  • Located higher on your chest with a breast lift combined with breast implants (if they have drooped after pregnancy, childbirth or menopause)

Cosmetic Breast Augmentation or Nipple Surgery (Melbourne)

  • Surgery can help you to refine, enhance, fill-out or reshape your breasts
  • Surgery can revise or reshape and even-out your nipples or your nipple location (this may require a Breast Lift with Implants for a masto-augmentation).
  • Sometimes one nipple will point in an entirely different direction than the other nipple, or the breasts will be noticeably uneven – breast surgery can help balance out the breasts.

Download Our Breast Augmentation Guide

Key Reasons women consider the benefits of Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement) Surgery

 breast augmentation surgery goals

  • Are you dissatisfied with having smallish breasts?
  • Do you feel your breast size doesn’t quite match your body frame?
  • Are you unhappy with changes to your breasts after having children?
  • Have you noticed unwanted changes to breast size or shape after losing weight?
  • Do you want to even out uneven breasts (asymmetrical breasts or nipples which are noticeably uneven in location)?

Your Breast Implant Surgery Decision: Careful Consideration Required as All Surgery is Serious

  • The decision to proceed with breast enlargement surgery or nipple revision surgery is a deeply personal one and you should only have surgery to please yourself, not anyone else.
  • Before you have surgery, DO your research and be sure you understand the surgery risks.
  • Remember that some aspects of healing will always be unpredictable – so prepare yourself for the possibility of a complication and ask ANY and ALL questions you have before surgery; and remember that most complications are minor or treatable in nature, but some surgery risks are more serious – that’s why operations in a good hospital are potentially a safer surgery location than, perhaps, in a back room of a clinic
  • Trust your instincts and your informed decision making when it comes to surgery or your choice of Surgeon.
  • All Surgery is serious, even if it’s considered a safe and commonly performed procedure.

Plastic Surgeons have extensive experience and rigorous educational and exam requirements – usually 12 or more extra years of advanced surgical education in addition to their Medical Degree.

In Australia, nearly anyone can use the term “cosmetic surgeon” but the term “Plastic Surgeon” is a protected title, and a Specialist Plastic Surgeon should be a member of FRACS and other organisations such as RACS, ASAPS/ASPS or ISAPS.

Here’s what else is good to know about breast enlargement surgery using breast implants (Saline or Silicone Gel).

  • Breast Augmentation is generally considered a safe procedure for healthy, suitable candidates who are non-smokers and who are honest with their surgeon and follow pre-surgery and post-surgery care instructions
  • All surgery should never be taken lightly as it has accompanying risks
  • Be sure you ask all questions you may have before undergoing a breast augmentation procedure.

Keep it real – including maintaining realistic expectations for your Breast Surgery results and what that may – or may not – result in for you in your life.

Many women who opt for larger breasts using quality implants are happy with their decision and feel more confident, body balanced or feminine.   Whilst it can’t help all areas of your life, and isn’t a solution for self-esteem, you are likely to feel more confident and happy when you feel really GOOD about your body and your looks. That is usually the case whether you have that confidence via breast implants or accepting your current physique, or by any other means.

Greater body confidence after breast enlargement surgery (Augmentation) is something many patients say they feel (according to online consumer forums).

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery for breast enlargement should be undertaken only after you’ve had adequate time to contemplate your decision to proceed with breast surgery.
  • There is a waiting period or a cooling off period.
  • You should also have a clear understanding about what surgery CAN and CANNOT achieve for you. Realistic expectations — including that individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient – are also crucial to having a successful breast implant surgery experience.
  • If you’re ready and wanting breast augmentation, be sure to ask Dr Wyten what YOU can do to have the experience be a more positive one, including during your post-surgery healing stages.

Silicone gel or saline filled breast implants

Common Reasons to Choose a Breast Augmentation Procedure

Some women choose a Breast Augmentation procedure if their breasts have developed unevenly (asymmetrically), or simply haven’t developed as much as they would like them to (e.g., tuberous breasts or very flat-looking breast tissue or puffy nipples with very little breast tissue).

Others combine a breast enlargement augmentation with breast implants with Breast Lift (Mastopexy) surgery for a more rejuvenation effect to the chest and breast area.

  • Wearing a good sports bra fitted by a bra expert is very important after Surgery with breast implants – or for any breast surgery.
  • You should visit a good bra store for a custom fitting AND go to She Science for a sports bra to wear after your Surgery.

She Science in Melbourne specialises in sports bras, but the key thing is that the fit is right.

Breast Lift Surgery with or without Augmentation is actually quite common after pregnancy.

I already know I want Breast Implants: will I need a Breast Lift as well as Breast Augmentation?

This is a common question asked by patients trying to solve the problem of saggy breasts by having a standard breast augmentation with implants, but don’t want surgical scars associated with a breast lift.

If you have significantly ptotic breasts you really have a choice of either a Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) or a Breast Augmentation with a breast lift (masto-augmentation).

The Masto-Augmentation procedure is a particularly challenging operation to get right and really needs the skill of an experienced breast plastic surgeon.

You don’t want to take a cheap or discounted cosmetic surgery offer OR risk a cheap overseas Cosmetic Surgeon for Breast Implants, then discover you’ll need to undertake expensive Revisional Surgery to fix it (and importantly, NOT everything that goes wrong can actually be fixed).

Do a search for “Botched Breast Jobs” or “Dangers of Overseas Tourism” online.

Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement with Breast Implants may be useful if you are hoping to:

  • Feel more comfortable in bathers or swimsuits, lingerie and other fashions
  • Enjoy more clothing choices and having a more balanced physique
  • Feel more self-confident and increased body confidence about your body proportions
  • Reduce self-consciousness about going to the beach or wearing fitted clothing
  • Regain breast fullness and cleavage that went ‘missing’ after childrearing or breastfeeding

It is important however to have realistic expectations about what Surgery can achieve in terms of breast enhancement, and this may depend on a number of factors, including how much breast tissue you have, what breast profile you are wanting, and what size will best suit your overall physique.

Plus, individual patients will have uniquely individual and varying results. Our Surgeons help you get a balanced and body-harmonious breast enhancement outcome.

About Breast Augmentation / Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to help improve your breast appearance, or breast profile, often through the use of breast implants. This procedure is also occasionally performed with implants PLUS some autologous fat transfer (however, that’s a far more complex and higher risk surgery, and fortunately implants without fat transfer can typically help get you get the excellent results you want).

There are many choices you have when planning a breast augmentation, as mentioned above.

  • Best time for you to schedule your Breast Augmentation surgery procedure with Dr Wyten in Melbourne
  • How much time you will need off from our job will depend on your role but typically 2 weeks off of work or childcare is ideal for many patients – up to 4 to 6 weeks for some, including not exercising for the required period and easing back into your normal exercise routine according to post-surgery instructions
  • Implant Type and Implant Brand (Mentor or Motiva are considered quality brands)
  • Implant Texture (outer shell texture or smoothness)
  • Size of the Breast Implant (300 – 350 is a popular augmentation but it can vary from person to person and your existing body proportions AND breast tissue will be factors in choosing the best implant size for your Breast Augmentation procedure).
  • Incision Location (inframammary fold or armpit?)
  • Placement – whether the implant goes in front of, or behind the pectoral muscles (or dual plane)

In discussing your desired outcome, Dr Wyten can talk you through your options and recommend some of the best Breast Augmentation approaches for you to consider in relation to what you’re trying to achieve.

As with anything, what point you’re starting from is going to have impact on what can be achieved.

Please Consult your Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon for Further Advice Today.

Each patient is an individual, and each surgery is customised to fit each patient. Please contact us today for any questions or to arrange a consult with Dr Rebecca Wyten.


Breast Augmentation: Combined or Additional Procedures

Mummy Makeover, Tummy Tuck or Body Lift after significant Weightloss

If you want to combine breast surgery with other procedures including liposuction, tummy tuck, nose surgery, an eyelid lift or a Mummy Makeover, consider a combined procedure approach.

Some patients can combine certain procedures and others may need or choose to have them sequentially, but our Surgeons and their team are highly experienced at combination surgery procedures to help patients get the appearance modifications they are looking for.

 breast implants breast augmentation melbourne surgery

If a post-pregnancy body is your makeover aim, visit our Mummy Makeover page for post-baby body rejuvenation options.

What Type Of After-Care Should I Plan For?

After your Surgery, you will be provided with post-operation healing optimisation tips and post-op instructions.

How Long Will It Take To Fully Recover From The Procedure?

Recovery periods vary from woman to woman, and differ depending on the implant placement.

As a general rule, expect to take 4-6 weeks after your surgery to get back on your feet properly.

It is always best to check with your surgeon for a more accurate estimate.

Sunlight and Tanning After Surgery

Ask Dr Rebecca Wyten and the Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing team for details on best protocols for your post-op healing period and scar minimisation techniques.

“Can I tan after a breast enlargement surgery or implants?” is commonly asked by patients who want to know if spending time in the sun will impact their scarring.

Sunlight and Tanning are best avoided for Scar Minimisation and best Breast Surgery outcomes.

Sun exposure on healing and on on scars during the period of recovery can impact your scar minimisation plan, so it is best to avoid it.

It is best to avoid excessive sun exposure and to follow the recommended protection guidelines. In general, after your breast surgery, we recommend trying to avoid exposing the wounds to sunlight for at least 12 months.

Excess exposure to sunlight and intense tanning has known health risks, and can also age your skin prematurely; it’s also advised again for at least 12 months after your breast surgery procedure.

Also, wear a good protective sun screen with a high SPF on your exposed areas.

Sun blocks may offer extra protection but can be more challenging to find – our Coco Ruby Team might be able to help you with this.

Please remember that not only is excessive sun exposure a risk for cancer, it’s also a risk for prematurely ageing skin including the decolletage area.

If you already have sun damage on your face, breasts or decolletage area, visit our Melbourne Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing pages to learn how we can help.

Rapid Recovery Packages

Rapid Recovery Breast Implant Surgery

How Dr Wyten’s team helps Breast Enlargement patients with Recovery

Dr Rebecca Wyten’s rapid recovery kit is called ‘Science & Love’ because it contains products proven to facilitate healing as well as some pampering products for the period of time whilst you’re recovering and resting up after your procedure.

Do allow adequate time to recover from your surgery and ask Dr Wyten specifically when you will be able to resume daily activities including driving and exercising.

Also, ask Dr Wyten about how to minimise your scars after surgery. Scar minimisation technology may be helpful for some types of breast surgeries or skin types, or for Tummy Tuck and body contouring procedures combined with breast surgery options.

Above all, ensure you follow all post-op care instructions given to you by your Specialist Surgeon.

This may include guidelines around:

  • physical activity
  • driving
  • resting
  • fluids
  • nutrition
  • medication
  • physical support such as supportive garments and well-fitting bras
  • child care and pet care (get some help for your recovery period and do not lift objects or children until you’re cleared to do so by your Breast Specialist Surgeon)

Be sure to seek help immediately if you experience any unusual pain or bleeding and read ALL of your consent forms and surgery data before, and after, your surgery to know what to watch for.

Will Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement Hurt?

Every surgical procedure has associated discomfort and everyone is different in how they experience pain.

The short answer is yes, typically there is pain with a procedure but it should be well-managed by Dr Wyten and your Patient Care team.

How Much Pain Should I Expect?

It can be difficult to predict exactly how much pain you will personally experience after your surgery as there are simply too many variables and pain can also be subjectively different from patient to patient.

In terms of levels of pain, each patient is different in their pain perception and their sensitivity to pain.  The good news is there is often several things you and your surgical support team can do to help during the initial post-op recovery period.

In general, this procedure has been described as a mid-range pain procedure.

So while you may experience some pain, particularly in the days following your surgery, it should be easily manageable by following your surgeon’s recommendations.

What Steps Can We Take To Minimise Pain?

Our approach to recovery is simple. We do whatever we can to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Our team is dedicated to keeping you as comfortable as possible during your pre-op sessions, your surgical procedure and your post-operative healing period.

We also offer HEALITE II during your pre OR post-op healing period of time.

The good news is that we offer most of our patients DRAIN FREE procedures, which often means less pain during your recovery.

We also supply post-op healing goodies in your ‘Science & Love’ Rapid Recovery healing package, which includes products proven to accelerate your healing and recovery.

If you have surgery with Dr Rebecca Wyten, you’ll also get a FREE Healite II session, an award-winning technology that facilitates healing and helps rejuvenate the skin.

It is very important that you follow your Surgeon’s post-op instructions and allow yourself adequate downtime to heal.

Worried About Pain?

If you’re concerned about pain, then please discuss your pain management needs with Dr Wyten during your initial consultation and with her Surgical Nurse or Patient Care Coordinator during the post-operative period so that we can help minimise your post-operative surgery pain.

Be sure to contact Dr Wyten and her support team if you have unusual pain or any questions or concerns after your procedure – you’ll be reading more in your Patient Surgery Preparation materials and your Post-Op Recovery tips and Rapid Recovery packages.

Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Will my Breast Surgery affect breastfeeding later in life?

The answer depends on exactly what type of breast surgery. For safety and better results, it is best to avoid surgery using incisions around the nipple-areola complex and avoid having ‘above the muscle’ implant placement. You should also choose an experienced plastic surgeon – not an underqualified ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ or physician.

We generally recommend either ‘below the muscle’ implants and making incisions under the breast for the best breast surgery results if you are going to breastfeed children later in life or want the lowest chance of loss of nipple sensation.

How long should I wait after finishing breastfeeding before having Breast Surgery?

We recommend waiting several months after you’ve finished breastfeeding your last child before having breast surgery – typically a minimum of three months after breastfeeding finishes.

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Each patient is an individual, and each surgery is customised to fit each patient. Please contact us today for any questions or to arrange a consult. You can also attend out Free Practice Events, or phone us to speak with a Patient Care Advisor.


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